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  1. resnikov

    Swing away campfire cook stand in the UK?

    Looking for a swing away campfire cook stand a bit like this or this...
  2. resnikov

    For the Weihrauch fans

    Just found this on another site which might be of interest to other Weihrauch owns.
  3. resnikov

    Splitting axe / maul recommendations

    Looking to get a splitting axe / maul to split logs for my wood burning stove. I know you get what you pay for but I don't need the Ferrari of splitting axe world. Any recommendations of brands to look for or to stay away from? Also what to look for in maul/axe.
  4. resnikov

    Reloading your own cartridges.

    Just been given a Lee Load all so thinking of having a go at reloading my own cartridges. Some #7 shot came with it but no primers, powder or wads. Does anyone reload their own? Is any powder better then others? Any thing I need to be aware of?
  5. resnikov

    My s410 is now complete!

    Picked up my Harris bipod today so that's the final part for s410. It's .177 and is the standard beach stock and carbine version. It's such a great gun and so very accurate.
  6. resnikov

    Free Horn - Leeds York Selby

    Free mixed horn collection only from Leeds York area. Tin of beans in picture for scale. Bin day is a week on Wednesday, if it's not gone by then it's in the bin.
  7. resnikov

    Crinkle crags

    Nik and I have been planning to do an overnight at Crinkle crags for about a year now. The route was up park at Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel and then up Oxendale, then to Red Tarn, across Crinkle Crags and camp at Three Tarns. Then next morning either head back via The Band or if feeling up for it...
  8. resnikov

    Ration pack needed, Leeds York area.

    Got an over night hike in the lakes planned this Friday and just checked my supplies of ration packs and all I have left is 3 packets of the treacle pudding. I tried Johnson's of Leeds but they say they don't stock them. Does anybody in the Leeds York area have rat pack I can buy of them?
  9. resnikov

    Wood Burning stove for the home?

    Kind of bushcrafty my question as its about a fire to burn wood, but has anyone fitted and installed a wood burning stove in their own home? Currently in the middle of major house renovations and have started to get the quotes in for a stove and the twin wall chimney. The fitting of the chimney...
  10. resnikov

    Great service from Heinnie Haynes

    Just ordered a MaxP notebook holder and rite in the rain pad from Heinnie and paid for the 3-5 day delivery. My items turned up the next day! :) As always great service from Heinnie but its not a good website for my wallet. If you don't know them don't blame me when spend your hard earned cash...
  11. resnikov

    Chainsaw advice?

    Looking at getting a chainsaw as we are getting a wood burning stove in the house and I want to be able to process my own logs. I know I need all the PPE bits but what I don't have a clue on is what sort of chainsaw to get. Petrol, Elec or battery? Big or Small, Brand? Is it worth going on a...
  12. resnikov

    Tapatalk adverts?

    Anyone else noticed adverts appearing in tapatalk. Is this a forum setting or something tapatalk are doing?
  13. resnikov

    ifixit now in Europe

    For the geeks and tool lovers among us, iFixit now has an euro store so we don't have to order from the US. Also its doing a blackfriday deal for the Pro Tech Toolkit + Magnetic Mat Bundle at €59.95 plus €8.90 P&P.
  14. resnikov

    Practical Shotgun Greater Yorkshire area?

    Any one know of a club or range where I can have a go at practical shotgun in the Greater Yorkshire area (AKA north of England)? I want to try it first before joining a club.
  15. resnikov

    Lowe Alpine Triple point ceramic fell apart :(

    What with the weather starting to get a wee bit wet and parky, I thought I would get my Lowe Alpine waterproof jacket out and check it was good condition for the coming Autumn and winter months. As I got it out of the wardrobe, a load of white bits appeared on the floor, I figured it was...
  16. resnikov

    yucca plant advice

    Ok whilst not Bushcraft it is flora and I don't know where else to ask. I have a yucca plant that I had since university so it's at least 17 years old. As you can see it's drooping a bit and the canes are not really holding the weight. So can I trim the branches back ok? Any other ideas to...
  17. resnikov

    My kind of kids party

    Had my youngest daughter's 6th birthday party today. This party was better then any soft play or kids entertainer. I was first to hold the tarantula as none of the kids wanted to at first. I sat there with my hands out waiting and the lady put it on my head! I have never sat so still. She...
  18. resnikov


    Where is the best place to get batteries in bulk?
  19. resnikov

    There are many rifles but this one is mine.

    Just picked up my new Air Arms s410 .177 this morning. Not had chance to use it yet really apart from a few shots at the shop. Going to have a good go tomorrow.
  20. resnikov

    Question for the Finns - salmiakki what sort to try?

    Just reading on the BBC news about salmiakki It sounds quite intreging so I'm thinking I might get some to try. So the question is what sort should I try to start off with and where can I get it? Cheers.