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    Lowa Munro - Size 9 - Excellent condition

    Hi all, For sale I have some superb condition Lowa Munro hiking boots as seen here: I wore them for perhaps two days in a ski resort before deciding that they weren't for me. They therefore didn't get muddy or anything and are...
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    Good Quality Mobile Insurance?

    Hello all, I have a new iPhone and I'd like to insure it. I am very sceptical of a lot of these companies however as I know a lot of them make their money by not paying out. Can anyone suggest a good company they use or have dealt with who do actually pay out/ replace your gadgets if they get...
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    My New Rifle....:)

    Oof lovely bit of kit, good stuff you're back safe!
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    Mountain Equipment Morpheus

    Bump before ebay
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    Terra Nova Gore-Tex Mountain Gloves

    Bump Before ebay
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    Mountain Equipment Morpheus

    For Sale, a BRAND NEW WITH TAGS Mountain Equipment Morpheus jacket in black. Size Small. 3 layer Gore-Tex Pro Shell. A superb jacket but a little tight across the shoulders for me. RRP £240 My Price £150 Including first class recorded delivery If it's not gone in the next few days I'll...
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    Terra Nova Gore-Tex Mountain Gloves

    Are you sure....the're really quite a large medium, hence the sale!
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    Terra Nova Gore-Tex Mountain Gloves

    Hello Chaps, Stunning pair of gloves for sale. Terra Nova Extremities Mountain Gloves. These are the top of the range, primaloft filled and Gore-Tex lined gloves. They come with an inner and an outer, both lined for adaptability...
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    Audi A3 Vs Alpha Mito and others!

    An up date for those who are interested: Despite what some have said I really liked the A3 when I looked round one and think it's a very nice car. That said I just test drove the 155 BHP Alfa Mito, and in dynamic mode that thing absolutely flies! Really puts a smile on your face, this could be...
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    VW Scirocco 2008 > Thule roof bars + cheaper set

    Ah never mind, not sure I could have insured it anyway! Avensis sounds a bit sensible for you Shewie?! VW Golf Gti--> VW Scirocco --> Toyota Avensis? A nice car all the same!
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    Mens barbour berwick endurance jacket xxl brand new with tags.(with final price drop)

    Just to add that this is a superb jacket, miles too big for me but a gun on my shoot has one and has had it since they came out and he really rates it!
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    VW Scirocco 2008 > Thule roof bars + cheaper set

    The car isn't for sale as well is it bud??!! ;)
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    Audi A3 Vs Alpha Mito and others!

    Hello all, Looking for some motoring opinions from you fine folks! I have a budget of max £8,500 not including insurance. I've sort of fallen in love with the idea of an Audi A3 (1.6 with about 30,000 miles on the clock). I also quite like the idea of an Alpha Mito which is a little better...
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    Altberg "MOD Regulation" Brown boots

    STOP! Unload.... Just to let you know that the Altberg brown boots are not going to be issued to the army. They have begun making them in brown because we will be switching over to the brown boots by 2014 (they say)...The ones the army will be issued are manufactured by a German company called...
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    Dubarry Leather Gore-Tex Boots.

    NO NO NO NO! Just a week ago bought a pair of Le Chams! I can't say I'm regretting it but had these been up they would've given me a headache!
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    Musto Westmoor Heads up

    Hello Chaps, Just a heads up that the Musto Westmoor jacket is on sale now for £115 (Mine was £120 delivered). They are truly excellent jackets and I'm pleased as punch with mine. I'd describe it as a sort of modern Barbour really, it's tough, waterproof but also breathable and much lighter...
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    Musto Country Gilet

    price drop to £45
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    Musto Country Gilet

    Would also consider a few swaps for this