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  1. TurboGirl


    There seems to be a lot of us smokers who are using the ecigs to get off the stinkies pretty succesfully :) Especially the die-hard (no pun intended) 20yr + folk who have found it the only way. I'm trying to get myself sorted for 5 day + durations in the woods/ at festies using a combination of...
  2. TurboGirl

    Possibility of a draft folder for messages?

    I often find I rush a message because I can't save it as a draft... do these boards support a draft function which could be enabled? It shouldn't take up too much bandwidth... or would it ;)
  3. TurboGirl

    Uncompleted FAQ link

    I've been looking to see what I need to do to sell some sewing machineson here- I want to offer the cream of the crop to the 'family' first before I Bay them- and chanced on this helpful and informative page in my search which seems to be called 'bla test' ;) Its no biggy but it would be nice...
  4. TurboGirl

    Albums on the forum

    I ought to apologise to all my forum freinds for spamming their profile feeds with uploading pics to an album on here, but I'm delighted with my new skill :) I've got some questions though.... it doesn't show all the pictures that were uploaded and I can't find or edit the ones that don't show...
  5. TurboGirl

    NE Derbyshire Meet (Pic heavy)

    I can't resist a work party so when I saw there was one up in NE Derbyshire, I decided the time had come for a neighbourly visit from England (Mids) :) The forecast was decidedly balmy so I combined work with pleasure and packed up the latest stock for a longer than usual test drive. They don't...
  6. TurboGirl

    There be V8s in them there woods!

    I fancied getting back to my Turbogirl roots in combination with the woodland fun I've found here so thought I'd suss out the local off road club for a combination bimble today :) I even saved a flock of sheep wandering in the road on the way, SuperTurbo to the rescue, don't hold back on the...
  7. TurboGirl

    More Northwood 2/2013 pictures!

    Another brilliant meet :cool: I had some splendid help and expert guidance setting up my laavu project for its first experimental pitch from the most kind and knowledgable Martin.... thank you sooooo much, it was a huge help and I just hope I can remember all the fabulous ideas to include in...
  8. TurboGirl

    Goodbye Tipi, Hello Laavu?

    Just waved a sad farewell to my old recycled tipi and decided I need to bring its spirit forward into a laavu :) I learned a LOT from making the tipi, much of which seems pretty symbiotic with the laavu design although I think the designs can amalgramate to be a 'best of both worlds' hybrid to...
  9. TurboGirl

    Northwood October 2012- Picture heavy :)

    It was a quiet meet in many ways, with many absent freinds this time and dotted through the beautiful autumnal woodland :) Saturday morning dawned clear and crisp, with the SSSI rhymed with a frost... gorgeous :) There was lots of lovely leatherwork to drool over- here's Lee's ipad case/...
  10. TurboGirl

    G wagon 20 year 500,000m trip

    I thought this slideshow of his experience was truly wonderful :) What a fabulous old boy and what a great thing to pack your life with!
  11. TurboGirl

    Northwood Centinary Meet (Pic heavy :) )

    Weekends in our beautiful Northwood don't come much more diverse than this one- it was a priviledge to be invited along to share with Gordons' families and freinds for their 100 year anniversary of custodianship of this beautiful area with its diverse and historical woodland :) Martin shone up...
  12. TurboGirl

    NorthWood Workparty weekender (centinary 2012) PIC HEAVY

    Luckily for you readers, I'm shattered enough to shut up for once ;) There's lovely mushroom rings where we're set up... And the woods are alive with flora :) Digitalis from underneath.... Ohhh, while I'm banging on about flora, I spotted this beauty in our local woods in SE Leic too, so...
  13. TurboGirl

    Victorian beam engines (Leicester)

    Bit off topic for bushcraft, maybe, but I know you folk have wide ranging interests and this is a blast from Britains industrial past that isn't to be missed if you've got the wanderlust on you this weekend! Here's the events and prices page- its part of the Leicester Vintage Festival. The...
  14. TurboGirl

    Etching (large area/ axe head)

    Well, Sasquatch has me all fired up with his wonderful blade (seen on his thread 'Finally One For Me' but even more gorgeus in real ife!). I've been doing a thread takeover so thought I'd be better starting one myself :) The basic requirement is for a fairly deep etch on a trail hawk hatchet...
  15. TurboGirl

    Paul Kirtley at Rough Close (May 2012, picture based)

    My 'Mrs Doyle' Weekend went wonderfully... here's some of my camp-based pictures as I was having a wonderful time making tea and biscuits mostly! I was delighted with my tarpmaking development touches- shock cord pull outs was massively helpful for increasing room, DIY seam sealant not so...
  16. TurboGirl

    Noob foray onto stock removal knifemaking

    I've made an auspicious start and thought I'd post my results so I can look back eventually- hopefully- and learn a bit :) I've got a fabulous knifemaking guru who encourages me and no doubt will kick my butt, Canadian stylee, when I mess up through stupidity- which WILL happen eventually, I...
  17. TurboGirl

    A female bushcraft Facebook group

    There's some things which are uniquely female situations in a woodland/ bushcraft/ survival context and a few of us, recognising that our ribald comments on some of the more feminine quandries might cause discomfort for you lads, have started a Facebook group, Sisterhood of the Bush. Drop on by...
  18. TurboGirl

    DIY mocotaugan/ crooked knife :)

    I'd say it was my first ever knifey project but as I was mostly looking on and learning, it's more my respected Elders :rolleyes: We're from a genetic line of knife makers (J Nowill & Sons) but we're the impoverished end of the line and never played knifeys ourselves although he's definately...
  19. TurboGirl

    Rough Close March 2012 (PICTURE HEAVY)

    Gosh, what an amazing weekend, it was more like a mild May weekend than March! Youngling and I had a fabulous time, thank you so much to Phil for organising another great meet and to all the folk there who make it the unique and fabulous space in time that it is- freinds old and new to be met...
  20. TurboGirl

    NorthWood Feb 12- PICTURE HEAVY

    Brilliant weekend, as always! Here's my pictoral offerings :) My Mam told me never to trust a smiling man :) A slightly more reflective moment with Young Martin... Preparation of the delicious cinnamon sugar bannock :) And here it is... it didn't last long :) Friday night around the...