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  1. TurboGirl

    North Wood Meet June 26~28 pictures

    Super duper pics, lads, it looks a lovely meet, as always :) Can I ask, is the yew ok? It looks as if its struggling a bit compared to other years, is it that it had a rampant flower last year and just gathering its strength again?
  2. TurboGirl

    North wood Bluebell meet 24-26 April 2015

    You couldn't have found a better or more helpful gang of folk to help you :)
  3. TurboGirl

    Get your beards out for the girls

    Wow bod, that's looking grand :) it makes my fingers itch to plait it :D Lovely beardy pictures lads :)
  4. TurboGirl

    North wood Bluebell meet 24-26 April 2015

    It looks gorgeous, there'll be a beautiful blanket of bells come meet time but hide the little treasures like the morrells, if that's what that shoom is :) I always quite liked crowding together on the north end, felt a bit guilty about trampling last year :) have a wonderful time lads...
  5. TurboGirl

    Biker, Happy Joan of Arc Day!

    Are you boys being good down there in the cellar?! Teehee ;)
  6. TurboGirl

    North Wood February 27 - 1 March pictures!

    Wow, most excellent :) those hurdles are cracking, bet the brash pile is smaller, a much better use of it :) Bannocks look super too :) was Martin in the camo hot tarp tent?
  7. TurboGirl

    North Wood February 27 - 1 March

    Dying to see your pictures and hear the meet report guys :D
  8. TurboGirl

    The Ritual Humiliation of Sam... :-) (Pic Heavy)

    And who do we have to cable tie for the rest of the pictures?! 2
  9. TurboGirl

    My Singer 201k Collection

    I saw a 66k treadle at our local furniture LOROS charity shop yesterday, OK condition with the Green Lotus decals, not siezed but not been used or oiled for aaaaages.... £100 :D Maybe folk are starting to give these old gals some respect? I hope so, it'll make you a millionaire if you hold on to...
  10. TurboGirl

    Biker, Happy Joan of Arc Day!

    Gosh, Winnie was SUCH a brilliant wordsmith :D Much like your good self, young nephew.... I really appreciate the knowledge and interest I find in everyones thoughts on this thread. I don't have anything worth offering apart from heartfelt gratitude that you share these gems with us x
  11. TurboGirl

    Biker, Happy Joan of Arc Day!

    the families genetic brain cell deposits should be back on line later on, that'll solve this knotty question!
  12. TurboGirl

    Bushmoot 2014 Pictures from Seoras

    Ohhh how nice to see the goings-on! An earth oven too, gosh, you did well in the time :) And those geodesic clamps, inspired :D Thank you so much for sharing them for all us stay-at-homes!!
  13. TurboGirl

    Biker, Happy Joan of Arc Day!

    I'd never have got that :D nice to see you back brother bob x
  14. TurboGirl

    Biker, Happy Joan of Arc Day!

    Only the intelligent ones ;)
  15. TurboGirl

    White Rose Wood 8TH to 10TH August 2014

    Wow, that's the youngest hammock camper I ever seen in the woodlands :D
  16. TurboGirl

    White Rose Wood 8TH to 10TH August 2014

    I'm sorry guys, we're out too, still on the continent and won't get back tthe wee hours :)
  17. TurboGirl

    Oh Aaron...

    That picture accounts for the channel water level rising, I bet he was drooling all the way across knowing that scran was waiting on the other side :)
  18. TurboGirl

    Oh Aaron...

    we're off to sample the most fabulous German sozzies, I hope to be suitably impressed by their legendary chau-whatchamacallit :P Lovely evocative description there lovey. You and goatboy really speak straight to the tongue :D its positively cruel, but I like it.... :D
  19. TurboGirl

    Oh Aaron...

    ahh toddy its such a hard line to call between veiled humour which adults could snigger at but kids completely miss. I get the wrong side of it far too often and I apologize for that.
  20. TurboGirl

    Someone measure an XXL Teeshirt from armpit to armpit please ?

    Technically, a large *should* be a 14/ 40 chest, XL 16/ 42", so XXL 18/ 44" (no ease on that though ie not an actual garment measurement). Of course with no proper industry standard its extremely hard to tell, many makers go for the feminine achilles heel where we tend to buy the smallest...