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  1. v8mule

    fire piston

    Ok so I've finally done it I've made fire with my fire piston :-)
  2. v8mule

    Knife heads up

    Just got my new Axminster tools catolouge through the post and found these I thought they would be good as a 1st knife for someone Ian
  3. v8mule

    Paracord ?

    Anyone know of anywhere that sells 550 Paracord in the Ashton-in-Makerfield area? Sick of having to buy it on line and want to be able just to pop out pick some up as and when I feel like it thanks Ian
  4. v8mule

    So the dinner cooking

    This year it's a shoulder of hoggett roasted slow and low for about 4hrs with garlic, anchovies. The sprouts will be shredded and quick fryed in butter with bacon an chorizo (how do you like your?) The veg is all preped and read to be par boils and roasted with the potatoes so let's have a...
  5. v8mule

    Restuffing an sleeping bag

    Ok folks. This might be a long shot but here goes.! I'm off up to Nordkapp (north cape) in Norway this coming March its to raise money for Help for Heroes. Now this is where I need some help/advice I have 2 old (maggot) sleeping bags one down filled and one fibre filled, Neither one of them...
  6. v8mule

    Whoopie strings

    Well had a go at makeing my own whoopie strings out of 6mm Dyneema it has a breaking point of 1280kg. I made them 6' with a 4'6" adjusterble loop so that gives me a 9' adjustment overall. I tested them by fixing one end to a tree the other to the 9500lb warn winch on my landy and winch in...
  7. v8mule

    fire piston

    has anyone managed to get fire with one or is it just me being feckless?
  8. v8mule

    Film from my childhood

    I've just been given a DVD off my other half it's the first film I can remember my mum taking me to see at the cinema. It's called "When the north wind blows" I think it's a awesome film I don't know if I should feel sad or happy after watching it for the first time after in nearly 38 years...
  9. v8mule

    One car too far

    Discovery channel 10pm what a pair of tw@ts. I know it's for tv but still
  10. v8mule

    sharpening blades and axes

    is it just me or is there something really therapeutic about sharpening a good blade, parang or axe to a razors edge? Dave (LittleChief) your axe is ready for middlewood weekend see you there mate. Ian
  11. v8mule

    knife making

    Ok so I'm making my first knife and I'm looking for some advice on the heat treating is there anyone local to Ashton-in-Makerfield that could show me the steeps in exchange for some beer tokens? thanks Ian
  12. v8mule

    which season do you like to be out in the most?

    What a beautiful morning to waken up under a tarp, the mist it heavy in the woods, the joy of getting a fire going to brew up, the snap of the logs as I spits into life, the smell of the bacon as it sizzles on the hot plate, the fact you can see your own breath lets you know your alive good...
  13. v8mule

    hi from the soggy north west

    just a quickie to say hello from soggy Wigsn Ian