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  1. v8mule

    Chain saw

    Here a offer for you pal I'm also a mate of Carl's and if you want I can arrange to meet up sometime and bring my saw with me for a day using it and getting a feel for things Ian
  2. v8mule

    Carbon felt

    1. dj77 2. sandbag47 3. tartenferret 4. ateallthepies 5.HWMBLT 6. mountainm 7. midnitehound 8. midnitehound 9. midnitehound 10. BILLy 11.welchyd1 12.welchyd1 13. Shewie 14. Shewie 15. macaroon 16. macaroon 17.raskusdrotti 18. raskusdrotti 19. dave budd 20. dave budd 21. The...
  3. v8mule


    i use a ice bear 800 for to sort out any chips before a 1600 then a 6000 Axminster tools sell a full kit including a Nagura stone and none-skid holder or water ponds ian
  4. v8mule

    Another DD hammocks group buy

    Hi pal i'm looking to get the DD 4m x 4m tarp next couple of weeks what sort of price could you do ? thanks buddy Ian
  5. v8mule

    Ideas for a bushcraft birthday present...

    How about a log and tell him its a diy spoon ;-)
  6. v8mule

    Recommendations on where to buy a Gransfors SFA?

    You could give Ronnie Sunshine a try
  7. v8mule

    fire piston

    I'm so pleased with myself you would of laughed at a 43 year old man dancing round a tiny fire �� i tried every oil i could think of to lube the piston o ring only to find that Vaseline works the best and once I'd got an ember i managed to get 4 in a row. I'm still grinning...
  8. v8mule

    fire piston

    Ok so I've finally done it I've made fire with my fire piston :-)
  9. v8mule

    No mate -3 today when the heater went west :-( how was your little get away

    No mate -3 today when the heater went west :-( how was your little get away
  10. v8mule

    Hello from Cumbria

    Welcome to the mad house marra we Cumbrians will take over the world some day eh? :-)
  11. v8mule

    Hello from Carlisle Cumbria

    Welcome aboard marra..! From a fellow Cumbrian. Spatri (Aspatria) lad eh..!
  12. v8mule

    Phone and forum problem - Nokia Lumina 920

    Think I've sorted it now thanks, well if this works i have
  13. v8mule


    Hi pal glad ya joined they do seem a friendly bunch
  14. v8mule

    Middlewood feb 16th 2013

    I'm up for that mate "make it so"
  15. v8mule

    Knife heads up

    Just got my new Axminster tools catolouge through the post and found these I thought they would be good as a 1st knife for someone Ian
  16. v8mule

    Paracord ?

    Anyone know of anywhere that sells 550 Paracord in the Ashton-in-Makerfield area? Sick of having to buy it on line and want to be able just to pop out pick some up as and when I feel like it thanks Ian
  17. v8mule

    Royal Mail or shoud I say Fail!

    I really don't see the OP's problem. you paid extra for before 1pm delivery. You went out (ok miner emergency) before 1pm. postie try's to deliver before 1pm leaves a card which states "please wait 24hr before collecting". Now how's the postie to know you had to go out did you tell him no? Did...
  18. v8mule

    So the dinner cooking

    This year it's a shoulder of hoggett roasted slow and low for about 4hrs with garlic, anchovies. The sprouts will be shredded and quick fryed in butter with bacon an chorizo (how do you like your?) The veg is all preped and read to be par boils and roasted with the potatoes so let's have a...
  19. v8mule

    Compound bow help

    Ya could always take some pictures of the bow and email them the they would know the make and model of bow to advise you on
  20. v8mule

    Man lives alone in Alaska

    1 bullet should be enough if you don't put it down the 1st time then you p1ss it off and you don't want a p1st off bear after you. As for the rabbit throwing it in the river is safer than leaving them smelling on the ground to attract bears wolves (dog soldiers :-)) (but I always clean them...