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  1. Allybally

    Bannock recipes

    Sorry if i have raised some past demons here, but i was wanting to try some tried and tested Bannock recipes. Your thought are appreciated. Ally
  2. Allybally

    Some track pics

    Fox Rabbit Fox, Rabbit and Rat Water Vole All taken at a Landfill site !!
  3. Allybally

    Rail track anyone?

    I have a small length of rail track for swapsy....about 500mm in length and bloody heavy, so posting is out of the window Up for grabs, when its gone its gone.. Ally
  4. Allybally

    Sheath and sore finger

    In a hurry to finish the sheath for my new knife i kinda took some of my nail off ! the same nail that has just grown back!!!:eek: Just need to take my time and try a bit harder next time!:nofeed:
  5. Allybally

    The finished knife

    After getting the Rail anvil done, here are a few pics of the knife finished, albeit without a sheath. Yew handle and stag antler :thankyou:Thanks for all the encouraging comments on the anvil! There should be a few new bits and bobs over the next few months Going to try steel...
  6. Allybally

    Got the Rail Anvil finished

    Getting ready for some metal bashing The end result
  7. Allybally

    Railway Track

    I have a 435mm section of 1955 BR track that i am looking to get rid of, offer to swap for something???? Glasgow area as it weighs the earth. I used the off cut to make an anvil 6 cutting disks later...
  8. Allybally

    Any Jerry Can projects?

    Does anyone have any templates / Ideas for old Jerry cans? Had an idea for a BBQ or maybe a forge, love to see photos for ideas
  9. Allybally

    Location, location, location

    Any members know of good woods in central Scotland to start bushcraft tecniques ? >