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  1. SimonD

    My new toy :D

    I'm uploading from my phone so I don't know how we'll this'll work. It's my birthday tomorrow and between my family and me I am now the proud owner of a BSA Scorpion se multishot tactical. I've added a hawke sport hd 3-9 x 50 mildot, a sling, moderator and bipod. It is now a whisper quiet bunny...
  2. SimonD

    2.8 hours later. City-wide Zombie chase game Check out the above link if you ever fancied seeing if you could survive the zombie horde for real. I'm doing the Nottingham night with some mates. Looks like a great laugh :)
  3. SimonD

    Buffalo Special 6 Trousers 34" Waist

    As above. Have lots to swap, or if a cash sale is preferred I can accommodate :)
  4. SimonD

    Milbro Pocket Predator Catapult

    I have the above catapult to swap. It's the aluminium Slim Ranger found here:- I'm looking for another catapult. i like the hunter catapults that fish did but i have the basic model, would be interested in one of the flashier ones...
  5. SimonD

    For all those waiting for the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!

    Check this out!!! if anyone fancies it, i'm down to do it. looks amazing :)
  6. SimonD

    My New Baby Girl

    Ladies and Gents, I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to my new daughter. Róisín Faith Dowd, born 3/1/2012 at 12.26am. I am the happiest and most tired I've ever been in my life :D Here she is:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  7. SimonD

    Hammocking without underquilt

    Now then all, I'm off out tonight to the woods. With the weather being as it is I was thinking of leaving my tarp and underblanket at home. The night temps are going to drop to around 12. I've never used my hammock overnight without my underquilt so I just wanted to see at what temperature I...
  8. SimonD

    putting faces to names :)

    just a quick thread to thank british red for a fantastic afternoon spent at his beautiful cottage. both he and his lovely lady were more than welcoming hosts, and his home is a great place to pass a sunny afternoon. so cheers hugh for being so generous with both your home and your time:thanks:
  9. SimonD

    a solo night hammocking :)

    hey everyone, i've been refining my loadout over the last few months and thought i'd share what i took out with me last night for a sneaky hammock on me tod. i use a snugpak rocketpak and have now managed to get to the point where i even have a little spare room :D so, my loadout. in the...
  10. SimonD

    ww2 millbank bags to swap

    i have recently acquired some ww2 millbank bags and have 3 which are surplus to requirements. i'm looking for a 2litre ortlieb or a snugpak yoke, lead catty ammo or anything else you might fancy swapping. try me cos i don't even know what i want :)
  11. SimonD

    Gift it on thread? not working?

    Can everyone else open the gift it on thread? i can open all the others but when I try that it just tells me to the website can not display the page?!??
  12. SimonD

    Just Got My Permission!

    I've just got back from a meeting with a farm manager and have been granted use of a wood and grasslands on a rural estate in Lincs. I'm absolutely over the moon. I have permission to camp, have fires and hunt rabbit and squirrel. I have yet to explore the woodland, only longingly looked at...
  13. SimonD

    Another Heads-Up. Tesco, Nescafe 3in1, buy one get one free.

    In tescos today and picked up 4 10 packs for £4 something. well worth a visit
  14. SimonD

    Bivi wanted, please advise

    As the title suggest I am after a bivi. Ideally I wanted one of the Endicotts modded Dutch bags but having just spoken to them it seems unlikely in the near future. So, does anyone have one they would like to sell, or can someone recommend a decent alternative. I would like it to have some sort...
  15. SimonD

    Antique shop bargain knives??

    i was walking past an old antique shop in my town for the first time since my interest in knives has grown. thought i'd pop in on the off chance and picked up these two for a tenner. one is a frosts mora (the darker handled one), and has no sheath, and the other is a brusletto troll with...
  16. SimonD

    dd camping hammock cocoon question. now 3 times really fast!!

    this past xmas i was the grateful receipient of a dd camping hammock. i've got my suspension system sorted, i was just wondering if anyone had any tips on holding up the top layer to sleep in the cocoon. i've got bungees but nowhere to attatch them. any camp hammock owners with some advice???
  17. SimonD

    Anyone in Lincolnshire?

    Hello all, I've very recently become interested in bushcraft and was wondering if there were any groups or courses going in mid lincs. I'm an absolute novice so anything would be of interest.