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  1. chas brookes

    Wanted Leatherman Juice

    Anyone have any Leatherman Juice models they would consider parting with ideally S2, KF4 or XE6 but would consider others
  2. chas brookes

    Mora Eldris on Offer

    Hi this may be of interest to anyone after a Mora Eldris on offer only £18
  3. chas brookes

    Blind Man Leads Climb up Old Man of Hoy brilliant programme

    On BBC last night brilliant programme about a blind guy climbing Old Man of Hoy. Superb story and the filming of the Orkney scenery was outstanding
  4. chas brookes

    Autumn Colours

    Start of the amazing Autumn colours :)
  5. chas brookes

    Dave Budd Loop Knife

    Hi I purchased a Loop Knife blade from Dave at the Bushmoot and have just handled it. I was lucky enough to find a nicely spalted piece of Hornbeam to use for the handle. Having created some amazing shavings I am very pleased with the finished handle
  6. chas brookes

    Bringing an Optimus 5s Parafin Stove Back to life

    Hi all having recently reacquainted myself with the joys of pressure stove, I have acquired a Optimus 5s that needs some serious TLC as you can see it needs a good clean and washers etc replacing. It also needs the inner and outer parts of the burner and one of the burner plates would be nice...
  7. chas brookes

    Sold Bernie Garland Recurve Bushcraft Knife

    Hi all I have a Bernie Garland Recurve Bushcrafter knife for sale with stabilised elder scales, this has seen very little use Bernie Garland Recurve Bushcrafter £120 price drop now £110 ono post & PP included any...
  8. chas brookes

    Great Patch of Wood Sorrel

    whilst out admiring the great show of bluebells, came across this great patch of Wood Sorrel growing of the ground on a tree trunk. First time I have seen it of the ground like this click on image for larger picture
  9. chas brookes

    Victorinox Swiss Army Knife spare parts Tweezers, Toothpicks, Scissor springs etc

    Hi I have some packs of spares mainly for the 91mm swiss army knife, but also scissor springs and toothpicks for the smaller classics The pack contains 4 tweezers for 91mm knives 4 toothpicks for 91 mm 4 scissor springs for 91mm 4 split rings 2 small and 2 large 4 Scissor springs...
  10. chas brookes

    Robin Hood !!

    Lucky Shot or Unlucky as have to replace arrows !!!! :)
  11. chas brookes

    A Bimble Along the River Plym at Plymbridge Woods

    Hi all On a recent visit to Plymouth I went for a bimble along the river Plym and came across some great ferns, and also a deformed fern head as well as plenty of wildflowers and great birdlife I can highly recommend Plymbridge Woods Chas
  12. chas brookes

    The Survival Handbook Raymond Mears Ebay Heads Up

    Hi on Ebay at the moment looks a good price no connection etc ;-)
  13. chas brookes

    Into the Trees Woodfair

    Hi all a new new Woodfair type event on Ashdown Forest, East Sussex may be of interest to those local may give it a look ~
  14. chas brookes

    Bushcraft Survival Skills for Beginners: Free Kindle Book

    Hi just found this on Amazon free kindle book very basic info but worth a look Chas
  15. chas brookes

    New Tree Seedling ID APP from Forestry Commission

    Hi All this may be of interest, first impressions is it is a very useful app. It not only shows the seedlings but also photos of adult leaf
  16. chas brookes

    Latest Leatherwork Commission

    a friend of mine asked me take make him a leather belt beer holder :) could be a design for the Naughty Corner
  17. chas brookes

    Bargain book Natural Navigator signs etc

    Hi all Bargain at £4.99
  18. chas brookes

    Swanndri Shirts for sale at Bushmoot

    Hi All I have 2 Swanndri Items which are original made in New Zealand shirts, which are for sale I will be taking both to the Bushmoot The first is an Original Hooded Bushshirt in Green size Large It is in very good condition and has BCUK badge on the pocket like the one below £85 ono and a...
  19. chas brookes

    Cheap 5/8 " Scotch Eyed Augers

    Hi may be of interest to some cheap scotch eyed augers no connection to seller just looks like a good deal
  20. chas brookes

    Kindle Book Craft Ideas including spoons, paracord bracelets etc for 75p

    Hi All if you have a kindle or kindle reader on your PC the following may be worth a look I took a punt for 75 pence and am very impressed so far lots of winter projects ;)...