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  1. andyn

    Marlborough, Wiltshire social camp April 21-23rd

    I'm running a few social camps near Marlborough this year - the next being on the 21st-23rd. Does anyone fancy joining us. Details on my events section on facebook Thanks Andy Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  2. andyn

    Birch bark container

    Just thought I'd share a picture of a little container i finished off at the weekend. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  3. andyn

    Bronze age axe

    Another Wilderness Gathering outcome...This time from one of Will Lord's workshops i managed to get a spot on. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  4. andyn

    Sweet chestnut bark quiver

    Thought I'd post up a couple of pics of the bark quiver I was working on at the Wilderness Gathering. Thanks Andy. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  5. andyn

    Wanted - someone to help make some leather embossed patches for our logo

    Looking to commission someone to help make 10 leather patches with my logo on it... anyone fancy the challenge please get in touch. Thanks Andy Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  6. andyn

    Naturescraft 5th anniversary gathering

    It was our 5th year of naturescraft last autumn so I put on a get together for some of our previous guests. I took a load of photos and video and this is the final edit: Thanks to the team for helping to run the weekend and to all our guests that came along. Sent from...
  7. andyn

    Cycling through Benin, Africa

    Next January I'll be undertaking a multi day mountain bike and camping trip through Benin in Africa. Has anyone been and got any advice they might like to share? Thanks Andy Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  8. andyn

    Snowdon route planning

    Any suggestions as to which path up Snowdon is the best/safest at the moment? We are planning an ascent this weekend but the ground condition up and around the pyg track isn't looking very good, with high avalanche risks. I've not got any winter experience on the other paths, so was wondering...
  9. andyn

    Hampshire, Alton meet in November

    Hey all, seems like it should still be a long way off but my diary is already filling for the winter months and as its nice to have something to look forward to I thought I'd offer up a late Autumn/Winter camp at our woods. Date is the 17th November There will be a £10 fee payable per person...
  10. andyn

    Some birch craft products

    We had a large birch tree (along with a few other trees unfortunatley) in our woods uprooted by the strong winds we had a week ago. Was a lovely tree so spent an evening removing the bark, cross-cutting it into sections and splitting it into usable blanks. So far I've only had time to make a...
  11. andyn

    Oak bowl

    We were up the woods the other week sorting out firewood and generally preparing for our courss for the year. Found a large limb that had fallen off one of the oak trees, probably back in late autumn, in the woods which we have now sectioned up most of it and split for seasoning as firewood...
  12. andyn

    I'm back :) lol

    Well after a very arduous last 8 months I'm finally starting to regain a work-life balance that allows me some free time! Thought I'd pop in and say hi to everyone as its been a while now since I was last able to find enough spare time to post a message. So who is still around?
  13. andyn

    FS: Peter Bond possible pouch

    Size is 5" x 5.5" x 1 3/4" Its a couple of years old and has been used a fair bit but has been looked after, cleaned and polished every now again so it is still in very very good condition (a testament to its build quality as much as me looking after it) Looking for £30 including...
  14. andyn

    Rawhide/bark quiver ideas

    I've been experimenting with flint over winter and into spring and made a handful of pressure flaked arrow heads which I have recently fitted to some hazel shafts. Thing is, I don't have anywhere to put them so am now looking at making a quiver to keep them in. But I'm not really into my...
  15. andyn

    Made myself a small neck knife

    Over the last month or so, inbetween my already hetic diary, I've been making myself a neck knife, with some guidance from a friend - which without I don't think it would have come out anywhere near as good! This is the first time I've made a blade from start to finish and it has been a...
  16. andyn

    white bluebells

    Came home from a trip away last week and its amazing to see how much has changed in a week being away and it was really nice to see that the bluebells are out, came across this single patch of white blue bell in the woods today looking all lonesome. :D
  17. andyn

    Leather BCUK Flask - Made by Eric_Methven

    Got this last year from Eric: But not really had as many chances to use this as I would have liked - Only once in fact :( So thought that rather than it sit in my cupboard someone else would have more pleasure out of it than me. It...
  18. andyn

    Quick Release Keyrings

    I have found another bag of 10 quick release keyrings that were hiding away. these were from the group buy from ages ago. These are great for attaching to firesteels so they can be detacted quickly from your belt. Or for the car keys etc. They sell on ebay at about £2.50 each...
  19. andyn

    FS: Snugpak RocketPak (Without side pouches)

    I'm selling off my snugpak bag as i have swapped over to a duluth pack. Its in excellent condition and has been looked after, it has had about 2 years use but has no damage to it at all. Please note though that I am selling it without the side pouches. Too late - its SOLD :nana...
  20. andyn

    Fungi Foray

    Went out for the day down the forest, had a stroll around to see what fungi was up, and was surprised to see quite a lot coming up, especially as all the usual spots have been very disappointing this year. Found a couple of interesting ones that I haven't seen in the flesh before such as the...