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  1. The Lord Poncho

    Snowsled jacket pocket loop question

    I've no idea if its correct or not, but I would have thought that actually most fractures to the wrist, arm, collar bone etc occur because people instinctively put out an arm to break their fall.
  2. The Lord Poncho

    What did the fox say?

    Possibly putting a little bit of a dampener on the subject, we have long had foxes in the gardens of our various houses over time, and after a while the nuisance of having to go and inspect the lawn prior to the kids being allowed out into it to remove their faeces, half eaten animal carcasses...
  3. The Lord Poncho

    NATO Watch Strap ?

    If its a standard nylon one, presumably melt it?
  4. The Lord Poncho


    A ) What is your Degree in? - Environment Management B ) Did you have to pay for your Degree? If so how much do you think your Degree and living costs accumulated to be at the end of the study - ie overall cost of Degree + Living Costs for 3 years. - living costs only (£15k estimated total...
  5. The Lord Poncho

    Snugpak Elite 3 or Kestrel 6

    Between the two bags you listed? My elite 3 is definitely smaller (about 2/3rds) - but my kestrel is very old (almost 30 yrs actually - crikey) and has a different type of filling to what they use now, so no real comparison i'm afraid. I don't have an elite 4 to compare the elite 2 - but i...
  6. The Lord Poncho

    Snugpak Elite 3 or Kestrel 6

    I used the Elite 3 with a thin alpkit bivvy bag for many years, year round with the military. Always using it fully clothed, and in cold weather wearing a 'softie' type insulated jacket as well + using a foam roll mat. There was only one occasion that i was cold in it that i can remember, but...
  7. The Lord Poncho

    Scouts Young and Old?

    I'm currently an Explorer Scout leader, and have been for all my adult life. I must admit that 'i'm losing the love' a little bit at the moment - online meetings via 'zoom' are a chore rather than a pleasure to be honest for me (and i suspect, most other leaders too), but hopefully its a...
  8. The Lord Poncho

    Why plastic taste develops in my camelbacks?

    I find that the 'Source' type bladders have no real taste to them, in contrast, I always have taste in my camelbak (but I also got used to it so don't really mind). As a point of interest, I was once told never to put anything other than water in my main bladder - as you never know when you...
  9. The Lord Poncho

    Factory New NATO Equipment?

    I'd be very surprised if the folding mat is issued anywhere in the british forces to be honest - the general consensus after i used it for a week, and a few mates who were tempted to buy one as well (that temptation being largely driven by the possibility of hiding it inside a bergen) was that...
  10. The Lord Poncho

    Any thoughts on this axe from mil-tec?

    Being all metal construction, there looks little to go wrong with that axe, and I'm sure that it will accomplish some tasks admirably. At that cost, perhaps the steel isn't so good/well heat treated- so plausibly it might be too hard (brittle) or soft (require frequent sharpening) - but then...
  11. The Lord Poncho

    Ontario 499 ''Copy'' ?,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ I tracked...
  12. The Lord Poncho

    Dutch M90 - Aircrew Sleeping bag

    Got in there before me! I was going to say that it looks like an inside out copy of the Carinthia Defence 4 - like the dutch Fensa (i think that was the company name anyhow) copies, and to an extent, the current british modular sleep system medium weight bag. This explains your toggles question...
  13. The Lord Poncho

    Electronic maps

    There are a few apps that allow you to download OS (inc 1:25k) mapping tiles for free. The ones that i have used extensively are Maverick and Backcountry Navigator. I've never used View Ranger, so i don't know how those apps compare, but they have done me well over the years (and they are...
  14. The Lord Poncho

    Large medium weight British army modular sleeping system size?

    I have had the current issue british modular sleeping bag before (its like a slightly thinner, marginally lower spec version of the Carinthia Defence 4). It is issued with a compression sack, and it is possible to fit it inside the issue goretex bivi bag and then get both inside the compression...
  15. The Lord Poncho

    Man-made vs natural cordage?

    I seem to recall from my dalliance with the Navy that the teaching was that natural cordage (albeit used in the context of rope in that instance) had benefits which were cited to be that a) it was grippy, b) it often 'creaked' before it snapped - giving you warning and c) it tightened up rather...
  16. The Lord Poncho

    The best head torch (for country life)

    I've only ever known of red light to be used (in vehicles, buildings, OPs etc), never heard of or seen Green being recommended for use. Apart from anything else it wouldn't work (at least on the UK issued maps) - all of the wood blocks would vanish, and on the 1:25k mapping, so would the public...
  17. The Lord Poncho

    The best head torch (for country life)

    I used to find that the contours (same red/brown colour on both military and civi OS maps) used to vanish with red light, so white light was exclusively used for map reading. Albeit a tiny LED torch with tape over the lense, and a pin hole in the tape. Even then it was an absolute palava to do...
  18. The Lord Poncho

    Just mulling over some ideas..Bergens

    True, and lets be honest, much current issue kit in the west is produced in China these days!
  19. The Lord Poncho

    Where to get a original crusader Mk2 cook set?

    That's a bit harsh in my opinion - the original has a lot going for it, but so does the Mk2. I use both in equal amounts, just for slightly different applications. The Mk 2 is bigger, lighter, a shape that i find better to fit boil in the bag meals in, and seems to boil slightly quicker. The Mk...
  20. The Lord Poncho

    Royal Marine Arctic Bergen

    Coincidentally, i spotted my old one yesterday when extracting the christmas tree from the garage! Yours looks in great condition, with the waist belt too, which most don't seem to have. What i enjoy most about these are the Karimor branded frames! This was a thread I started back when i picked...