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  1. Limaed

    Sold Mini clearout. Knives, rucksack

    A few items for sale folks. All prices include fees and postage. Thanks BCUK. MLL small knife. Ideal as a neck knife or for those with small hands. £Sold Bushtool style knife and LMF Firesteel (slightly used). Had this years - I think it was made by someone off here? £Sold Karrimor Alpinste 65...
  2. Limaed

    Sold Skrama for sale

    Skrama for sale. Only used a few times, £Sold posted including PayPal fees and postage. Thanks
  3. Limaed

    Sold Ray Mears / SWC 30th Anniversary Woodlore

    Hi folks, I have for sale my Ray Mears / SWC 30th Anniversary Woodlore knife. Lightly used condition with both sheath styles. Looking for £sold posted. If you would like more information/ photos get in touch via PM. Thanks.
  4. Limaed

    Sold Mark Hill Bushy

    Hi folks, Up for sale is my Mark Hill bushcraft knife. As many of you know Mark makes fantastic knives and this is no exception. The knife comes on a beautiful sheath (not the original) that can be worn on the right hip or rigged for a neck carry. Looking for £90 posted. Any questions...
  5. Limaed

    Sold Two knives & two rucksacks

    Hi folks, I have a couple of rucksacks and knives for sale: Scottish Mountain Gear Cullin 2. 35 litre daysack. Well used but serviceable Sold posted. Sold Berghaus Delta 25 litre (?) daysack. Pretty rare vintage pack, the lid elastic has gone but other than that it’s in great condition for...
  6. Limaed

    Axes, knives, Polish Tent (for sale or trade)

    Hi folks, A few items for sale or trade: Swedish Army axe, good used condition. Dated 1943, weight about 2kg,Total length 24". Handmade thick leather mask. Good all round chopper, just a bit heavy for my needs. £45 posted. Sold GB Large Carving Axe, Right Hand grind. Excellent used...
  7. Limaed

    Quality gear:SASS, Karrimor, Lowe Alpine...

    Withdrawn thanks.
  8. Limaed

    Swedish Army Battlebag 2000

    Anybody know where I can get a surplus Swedish Army Battlebag 2000? I found a few after a google search but they're too expensive for me at around 850 Krona (£80). This is what they look like:
  9. Limaed

    Trade: MLL Adriondacks Knife

    Hi, Looking to trade my MLL Adriondacks knife. Its been lightly used and is in v.good condition. Looking for a Berghaus Centurio 30 or a RAT / ESSE 3, open to other offers. Trade value around £100. [/URL][/IMG] Thanks
  10. Limaed

    Old School patrol pack

    I picked up this pack recently off Gumtree for a good price and thought I would share: The advert wasn't that descriptive and I guess the seller didn't have much info on the pack but from the Buckles etc it certainly looked like and old Berghaus model. Anyway the only info I could...
  11. Limaed

    Lowe Alpine Salient OG

    Lowe Alpine Salient OG. Anyone got one for sale or trade? Cheers
  12. Limaed

    Snowsled Classic Smock size small

    Anyone got a Snowsled Classic smock size small they would like to sell or trade? Thanks
  13. Limaed

    Sharps + a few other items

    Items removed and sold / posted elsewhere.
  14. Limaed

    Buffalo Jackets size M

    Hi Folks, I've got a couple of Buffalo Jackets for sale. The first is a Buffalo Hooded Belay Jacket in black and the second a Buffalo Alpine Jacket in Deep Russet. Both are size M / 40" and measure 24" armpit to armpit. Both are used but in excellent condition. Their quite similar jackets, the...
  15. Limaed

    Swap: Karrimor Sabre Rucksacks Green for Black?

    Hi folks, I have a Karrimor Sabre 45 plus side pockets & yolk in OG I would like to swap for the same but in black. Likewise I also have a Sabre 75 in OG I would like to swap for black. I travel around the country a bit so maybe able to exchange by hand & save a bit on postage if it...
  16. Limaed

    Various: Tarp, Stove, Hammock, ME Duvet, Trousers

    Bit of a clear out folks: MSR Pocket Rocket gas stove (used)sold, Terra Nova Adventure 2 Tarp (used, has a tiny hole that has been repaired with a patch, no attachments included) £Sold (Woodgas stove currently not for sale). Gelert 40 ltr rucksack (excellent condition) Withdrawn ME...
  17. Limaed

    Human Factors in the Outdoors?

    I've recently been discussing with colleagues an article about Human Factors in Avalanche Incidents: Although the article is based on avalanches the conclusion I've come to is that it can be applied to...
  18. Limaed

    Ray Mears Bushshirt Size S

    Hi folks, Anybody got a Ray Mears Bushshirt size small in green their interested in selling? Cheers Ed
  19. Limaed

    Cyclops Roc, Trangia, possibles pouch

    Hi Folks, Few items for sale: Berghaus Cyclops Roc in DPM. Size 2 back (5'5" to 5'8"). About 65-70 litres volume. Used but very good condition. £Withdrawn (Ebay). Possible's pouch made by Blacksheep of this parish £Soldposted. Trangia 25-1 (3-4 persons) Well used but serviceable &...
  20. Limaed

    DPM MVP Jacket, MSR Pot, 5.11, Enzo, Rat RC3

    Up for sale folks: DPM MVP Jacket - Excellent condition. I bought this last week but it is too big. Somebody has written med on the inside but is more like a large. 170/104 - 26" armpit to armpit. This version has a wired hood & pockets. £Sold. 5.11 Shirt 100% cotton - Excellent condition...