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  1. Allison McKenzie

    Woollen blanket problems

    My friend has an old and cherished wollen blanket that smells of her ex. Is there a good way to remove boy smell from it?
  2. Allison McKenzie

    What to do with Sage

    I got a sage plant earlier in the year and now it is huge. I have way more sage than i need for stuffing. Does anyone have any good sage ideas? If not, i will bag it up and freeze it and make stuffing for the rest of my life.
  3. Allison McKenzie

    Micro Paddle Adventure in Reading

    Today I went on my first lockdown micro adventure (which are replacing a proper adventure, which is a bit fiddly at the moment). Put my kayak on the car and drove it on the motorway (a first for me) to the Thames in east Reading. I paddled, ate a little picnic, saw loads of birds, and chatted...
  4. Allison McKenzie

    Rosemary Infused Groundnut or Sunflower oil

    Hi there, I am about to make up a batch of Rosemary Infused (and later chilli and garlic infused) oil. The recipes on the Internet all say use olive oil. But I want to cook with my rosemary oil and i want to cook hot in the pan and roast (without smoking out too much) So, do you think it...
  5. Allison McKenzie

    Candied Peels and Syrup

    Hi, We have been making a lot fruit waste, and I had sugar left over from my mans 'bake off' phase so I decided to turn them into a treat. Thought you might like the idea. Before:!Alue9QsGt5K9kFhjX8asOmY0ttCs After a ton of boiling and drying...
  6. Allison McKenzie

    Big Hugs from Hemel

    Just saying hi and wishing y'all some big hugs. A guy at work perked my interest in bush craft so I thought I would stop by X