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  1. J

    Wanted Fallkniven H1

    Just wondering if anyone has one that they no longer want to keep.
  2. J

    For Sale Fallkniven NL5

    Fallkniven NL5 Idun Excellent (like new) condition. Black leather sheath; no box. Fabulous knife. I would have to call this a "grail" knife for me - but I simply can't push myself to use it, so it's just accumulating dust. I'm also going to be adding what I will call a "fancy letter opener" to...
  3. J

    For Sale Bushcraft "User" Package (GM Timberwolf & Mora Forest)

    Both of these are what would be called "users". They have *not* been abused but have had time on sharpening stones after use. 1. Gary Mills Timberwolf This one started as a blade blank a couple of years ago. I have put green micarta handles on it with red liners and stainless steel corby...
  4. J

    Sold Becker BK18 (Black) NIB

    Selling a brand new Becker BK18 that I recently took delivery of - this is the black version and *not* the usual tan and brown-handled version. Literally, brand new, in the box. Took it out, handled it, then put it back. Superb knife ... just not what I thought I was looking for. £105 all in...
  5. J

    Wanted Becker BK7

    Looking for a BK7... if anyone has one that they may be thinking about moving along. Used is fine ... but in good condition. Thanks :)
  6. J

    Sold L.T. Wright Knives - Camp M.U.K.

    Never got round to even thinking about using this one... Basically been a safe queen since I got it. :rolleyes: Full flat grind. (A2 steel) LTW sharp (as hell) spine. Unpolished brown micarta handles. As-new condition. Nice small brown leather sheath. Unused. ...but, no box; no idea where it...
  7. J

    Withdrawn Casström Lars Fält Knife

    Interested to see if there is anyone with one of these that is collecting dust. :) Joe
  8. J

    Sold Steel Will Druid 255

    LIghtly used Steel Will Druid 255 up for sale. Has a couple of minor scratches on the blade. (I believe I still have the box.) Only reason for letting this one go is that I have a smaller (bladed) version. Handle size is the same - Very comfortable. Under-rated knife in my personal view.. but...
  9. J

    Wanted svord kiwi general outdoors knife

    shot in the dark here, but thought I might try one if someone has one that no longer needs to keep. user is fine btw. joe
  10. J

    Condor Eco Parang

    Sorted. Thanks. Joe,
  11. J

    For Sale Sorel caribou snow boots

    Brand new sorel caribou snow boots. Never used outside. UK Size 6.5. Camel colour. (No box). Bought them for the missus ... but never went anywhere beyond the living room - so essentially brand new and unworn. £60 if you pick them up, or £60 + package and postage (for mailing them). Thanks...
  12. J

    Wanted BRKT Canadian Special (A2)

    Looking for one of these if someone has one that they are looking to offload. Does not have to be brand new. Used is fine (though not abused please). Preferably in micarta, but not a deal breaker. Thanks for looking. ATB Joe.
  13. J

    Sold Heritage Longbow

    Lee Ankers Bamboo backed Heritage longbow. 50# @ 31" (max 31"); B/H 6" max. Length: 75". black buffalo horn circle on lhs at top of black leather grip. Excellent condition. Bowstring, cover, quiver and x6 wooden arrows included. 030513-1 marking - which I assume is the date of manufacture. (Pure...
  14. J

    Sold Ranger Knives Renegade Tomahawk

    Ranger Knives Renegade Tomahawk 3.5" Cutting Edge 16" hickory wood handle. Had this for a while. I don't believe Justin makes these anymore. Hand forged. Never been thrown, but has been used for cutting some logs a couple of times. Other than that, its in excellent shape. Solid piece of...
  15. J

    Bad heat treatment on axe?

    So, took a tomahawk out the other day to do some chopping (clean up) at our local club. Seemed to be going ok, but it looked like I was wrong! ... So, in your opinion: 1. Bad heat treatment? 2. Poor grind that I put on it (ie too narrow)? 3. Poor technique? Interested in your thoughts. I have...
  16. J

    Withdrawn Lionsteel M4

    Anyone have one that they don't mind letting go or trading for? Thanks. Joe.
  17. J

    Sold Cold Steel Master Hunter

    Cold steel master hunter VG-1 San Mai. Some minor use. (+ very fine scuff marks from the kydex (?) Secure-Ex sheath). Very grippy handle (as much as I like the F1, this handle is better (imho)). Very secure when in the sheath. Specs here: I'd...
  18. J

    Sold 3 knives

    Up for sale: Real Steel Bushcraft 2 (minor use; +black kydex sheath; boxed; D2 steel) [SOLD] Schrade SCHF55 (BNIB; +sheath) [SOLD] Condor Kephart (BNIB; +homemade sheath) [SOLD] Any questions, please contact me. Thanks for looking Joe.
  19. J

    Withdrawn A number of sharp package deals

    Package 2: (2a) LTWK Bushbaby HC (minor use; +brown leather dangler sheath; boxed) (2b) Helle Viking (minor use; resharpened; brown dangler sheath; laminated carbon blade) [SOLD] Package 4: KaBar USN Mk1 (never used; brown stacked leather handle; +brown leather sheath; piece of history) [SOLD]...
  20. J

    For Sale Real Steel Bushcraft (D2)

    This has to be one of the best "finished" production knives that I have ever received. The fit and finish are superb. In fact, better than some knives costing twice what I paid for this one. D2 steel with G10 handles and liners together with a kydex sheath and belt loop. The knife has been...