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  1. sasquatch

    White Rose meet February 10th-12th 2017

    White Rose Meet Feb. 10th-12th White Rose Wood February 2017 Short notice but Alex and family will be there as well as Mac and his family. If anyone wants to join in you're more than welcome to. I won't be attending this meet but might be...
  2. sasquatch

    White Rose Sept30th-2nd CANCELLED

    Not sure how to edit original post on my phone but this meet is cancelled. Sorry for the short notice. I'm currently barely able to walk and am awaiting further medical treatment. Due to the small numbers it's best to cancel. Hopefully this is temporary and future meets will continue. Apologies...
  3. sasquatch

    White Rose Meet September 30th-October 2nd

    White Rose Meet Sept. 30th-Oct. 2nd White Rose Meet Sept. 30th-Oct. 2nd White Rose Wood September...
  4. sasquatch

    White Rose July Pics

    Formula One Grand Prix ensured a noisy one this time round, perhaps I'll have to check things like this in future when booking meets! Despite the roar of the engines, helicopters and military jet displays we had a good one. The rain held off apart from during the night and early mornings and...
  5. sasquatch

    White Rose Meet July 8th-10th

    White Rose Meet July 8th-10th White Rose Wood July White Rose Wood Meet dates are...
  6. sasquatch

    White Rose May20th-22nd Pics

    Despite the dire weather forecast we were lucky enough to have a good weekend. Friday remained dry, Saturday not so much so but at least the wind died down in the morning. Sunday morning was glorious to wake up to, always a shame to have to pack up and head home with the sun shining. Plenty...
  7. sasquatch

    White Rose Meet May 20th-22nd

    White Rose Wood May White Rose Wood Meet dates are from: 20th to 22nd May Location : Behind the Super sausage cafe' on Moorend road...
  8. sasquatch

    WRW June Meet Pics

    It got off to a quiet start with Karl enjoying the solitude on Friday night. Let's not forget the rain, there was plenty of it this weekend! I managed to rock up Saturday morning to try out my diy underquilt. Was happy enough with it in the end. The woods have filled out nicely, it's a...
  9. sasquatch

    Worsted-wool yarn?

    Can anyone tell me more about it? Benefits and cost vs normal wool? My mate sent me a link to a wool hat with a ridiculous price tag to match and I wonder if the material goes some way to justify it. My guess would be its paying for a name more than anything. Neither of us will be buying the...
  10. sasquatch

    Waxed trousers

    Talk me out of them please... I'm a big fan of the right kit for the right job. I fully realise waxed trousers are usually the wrong kit for any job! I can't help but want to wax a pair of brown Dickies carpenter trousers I have. I'm thinking they'd work well in the cooler months with a set...
  11. sasquatch

    Next level wood turning

    Not sure if this has been posted before, apologies if it has. Saw this on a shaving forum and had to share in case you've not seen it yet. I don't do wood turning but I work with steel. It's humbling to watch regardless! Think he'd...
  12. sasquatch

    Where can I find the fur ruff for an M90 ECWCS Gen1 jacket?

    As the title says... Loving the jacket, quality features and build. Would be great to source the fur ruff in matching M90 splintercam with hook and loop/snap fasteners, all I've found is a couple woodland camo from the US of A. Any help would be appreciated as it would be the icing on the cake...
  13. sasquatch

    Carving tools, waterstones and all sorts on sale

    This might be old news to those that keep an eye in but could be handy to some Some lovely chisels and carving tools going for fair dolla as well.
  14. sasquatch

    Lost my pipe tool

    Some time ago. For months now I've been using random sticks to tamp with in the woods or a shell casing or my index finger. Black burned fingers are no fun! Fortunately the pipe tool was a cheap one like this I never once used the spoon as a reamer as I use a knife for that. All I used was...
  15. sasquatch

    Waterproof trouser or salopette recommendation?

    Right then, I'm after a pair of waterproof trousers or salopettes. For years now I've put up with the limitations of army issue DPM trousers. Cheap and cheerful but far from perfect and that's the odd time I can be bothered to pack them. Normally I just put up with wet trousers in downpours and...
  16. sasquatch

    Wanted; Daisy Ryder

    Hi all, as per the title I'm after a Daisy Ryder for my lad...plenty of decent things I can swap or good old cash money awaits for the right one. Please pm me if you have one you no longer need. Cheers, Chad
  17. sasquatch

    Relaxing weekend

    I never seem to post in here despite doing a lot of camping. Just thought I'd throw a few pics up of a weekend spent with mates I don't get to see enough. We go camping a fair bit but the price of petrol and real life(kids) seems to make it happen less than we'd like these days... This was...
  18. sasquatch

    Anyone remember Jackyl?

    Not sure why but I just did. 1992 I believe, not many other bands I can think of that had a chainsaw solo... Glad that sort of music is behind me but it was funny at the time. Wonder what health and safety would have to say about risk assessing their...
  19. sasquatch

    Wanted; wax to re-wax a jacket

    Hi all I'm after just enough wax to re-do an old wax jacket. I have no searin free parrafin wax and I no longer have any beeswax so making my own is currently out of the question. I'm brassic right now but have gear to trade. If anyone has some spare wax that's suitable pm me and we can go...
  20. sasquatch

    DIY Woodburner

    Here's a bit of DIY that's not so traditional. I saw Twodog's Kifaru stove from the States and was really impressed at the pack size and lightness of it...the only thing I didn't like was the pricetag when I saw the site. Cliff was kind enough to let me borrow his for a close look so I figured...