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  1. woodstock

    Fi, me and a van called Red.

    Hi all I might not be posting for awhile as Fi and me are hitting the road full time in our converted tranny van complete with log burner, I was brought up Scottish roma by my grandparents so I think it's in my blood to move on, I have moved 28 time in my life 30 as a forgot living in a yurt...
  2. woodstock

    A Challenge FI, ME and a van called BOB

    Hi all thought I would update our plans Fi and I bought a Bedford CF 350 some of you may have seen it on FI's facebook, due to a shoulder injury last year when I got knocked of my bike and ripped my Rotacuff muscles I could not drive it as it was 3.5 ton 17ft long with no power steering. So we...
  3. woodstock

    Ban on crossbows

    A article in the Times today for a proposed ban on the sale of crossbows in the uk. I predicted this years ago when they were talking about banning the sale of airguns, then it was they need to be licensed here is the link...
  4. woodstock

    Ready meals

    Just been to our local home bargains they have a selection of pouch meals some ready to eat,called Super beans and super Grains all at 49p Spelt with Borlotti beans and Mint, Indian style Tikka curry beans, Quinoa with mixed peppers and lentils, Barley with Sweet Potato & Chorizo, Mexican Style...
  5. woodstock

    The survival spade

    Just caught this on a you tube channel
  6. woodstock

    Go avanced

    Hi why do I need to go advanced in order to reply to a pm. if I don't I cannot use the space bar all the words are joined, any ideas.:confused:
  7. woodstock

    Free birch polypore

    Is anyone needing or wanting some dried and sliced Birch Polypore as we have more than we can keep or even use, for anyone not familiar with this amazing fungus here is some info.
  8. woodstock

    Metal Detecting

    Hi all I have just got into detecting and was wondering with most of spending time outdoors are any of you got detectors? I've just bought a C Scope cs 3mxi simplicity its self. unfortunately Fi knocked me of my bike Sunday and damaged my right shoulder,at the moment im in a sling and start...
  9. woodstock

    Gore/tex bivi bag

    Looking for a A1 condition Goretex bivi bag lots of decent kit to trade.
  10. woodstock

    Staffy Free to good Home

    Hi everyone as the title says, My daughter has just had a baby and is living in over crowded accommodation in Coventry where she cannot keep baby and dog separate we don't think he would intentionally hurt the baby but he is boisterous and fairly big for a staffy he has never bitten or even...
  11. woodstock

    Plant ID. Tree ID. anything else ID.

    Mods can't we have a single ID. thread to cover the most popular ID. requests.
  12. woodstock

    A cautionary Tale

    I recently bought a second hand TomTom Go 50 it was demonstrated in store and was working perfectly, It had first been purchased in Sept 2014, I bought it Aug 2015 all was great it performed well and I was really pleased with it, however I noticed it had never had the software or the maps and...
  13. woodstock

    Happy Birthday Xylaria

    Happy Birthday loads of love and hugs xxxxx and that counts as Happy birthday to you singing version:)
  14. woodstock

    What is the most silly argument you have had

    Fi and I were in a supermarket to day when I had the most monumental rant over a 20p vine Tomato which I insisted she buy to go with her anchovies when she refused i went into a tizzy fit cussing and doing everything but laying stamping on the floor.but we kissed and made up.:o
  15. woodstock

    Chaga and Turmeric Tea

    I received some chaga from Toddy of this parish and have felt so much better after taking it for a few days, so have been playing around with different combinations then I remembered that I had Turmeric root in the freezer and decided to simmer them both in milk it had a earthy look and flavor...
  16. woodstock

    Indian meal for 1 heads up

    Lidils are doing a fantastic range of boil in the bag ready meals very authentic and great value for money indian meals 99p
  17. woodstock


    Anyone got some chaga they would like to swap for something
  18. woodstock


    Up for swaps Navman EZY tourer perfect working order bought it to replace a tomtom but never got on with it, I have the in car charger put not the cradle it got lost in the move, I value it around £25 I have no Idea what I would like so just try me...
  19. woodstock

    The Jukebox

    I was thinking like CrossKelly friday nights alright, but what if a tune pops into your head midweek, so how about we post in years, 60s,70, 80s till present, how does that sound.
  20. woodstock

    Food waste

    I have just found out in the last few days that Aldi staff have been instructed to dispose of food that is within one day out of date, I looked in the waste bin in store today there were pies, prime steak loads of fruit and veg with tomorrows date stamp, how mad is this. I was also told if...