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  1. wolf man

    Primitive Bows?

    Folks I need some help locating a couple of primitive bows with a draw weight of 50lb and draw length of 32" Can an any one point me in the right direction please. All help and advice very much appreciated. Cheers
  2. wolf man

    Bone suppliers???

    I'm in need of a quantity of deer or cow bones for various projects. Does anyone know of a supplier or where I may be able to get some. Many thanks in advance
  3. wolf man

    Ypur favourite 10 woodland plants?

    What would be your top 10 woodland plants? They can be either for food or use, up to you. Lest see your lists and why
  4. wolf man

    Full membership not renewed

    Hi guys it seems that I have paid for full membership (automatic renewal) but the system does not seem to have renewed my membership. Could one of the mods be so kind as to look into this for me please. :You_Rock_
  5. wolf man


    I'm currently watching Mastercrafts on the Yesterday channel. I'd like to know what sort of parachute are they using as a shelter, and where can I get one from.
  6. wolf man

    Brilliant moot again

    Just thought that I would pass on my thanks to Tony and all the mods and every one who ran workshops at this years moot....IT WAS BRILLIANT. :You_Rock_ Bring on the next one Cheers guys, just what I needed
  7. wolf man

    Axe distributers???

    I hope some of you nice folk can help. I have some funds to purchase a load of axes for school! I've been looking for the importer/distributers for both Gransfor and Wetterling axes, but not having much luck. Can anyone tell who they are, and if you have any contact details for them that...
  8. wolf man

    Books. apps for ipad2

    Having been given a surprise ipad2 for my birthday, i was at a loss as to what to do with it and how best to use it. I come up with the idea that it would be brilliant as a reference guide for plants, mushrooms etc when out and about. Can you recommend any books that I could down load for...
  9. wolf man

    Best spoons knife???

    I'm really fed up with the Mora spoon knife that i've had and been using. I'm sure there are better tools for the job, but i have no idea which to get. Which, in your opinion, is the best spoon knife out there and why? Cheers
  10. wolf man

    WANTED: Standard DPM Basha (British DPM)

    Hi I'm after a number of Standard issue DPM British Army basha's (NOT DESERT CAMO), if you have any you would like to sell, please PM me. Or if you know where I can get them at a good (cheap) price could you let me know. Many thanks in advance W.M.
  11. wolf man

    Where to get large kettle???

    I'm hoping you guys can help... I'm after a large kettle/urn that I can hang over an open fire for when I take groups out into the woods. It need to hold enough water for hot drinks to cater for atleast 15 people. Do you have any ideas where I may be able to get hold of one? Cheers
  12. wolf man

    Where are all the tracking threads?????

    I only seem to be able to bring up two current threads oin the tracking section, there's supposed to be more than 200. Where can I find the rest??? Is anyone else having the same problem?
  13. wolf man


    My avatar does not seem to be working. How do I go about getting another up? Is their a selection? or do I need to find a pic of my own and then attach it? If so how do i do that? Cheers
  14. wolf man

    Camo mesh material??

    I'm looking for camo fine mesh material in Realtree pattern, and not having much luck finding any. Can any one offer suggestions where I can find this in the UK please.
  15. wolf man

    Kids short stories... book recommendations???

    Hi folks I need to find a good book(s) of short stories for kids to be read during an upcoming wood fest that i'm involved in. At the moment, not sure about the age of kids, but can presume that they will be among the younger group (pre-teens). Can you folks recommend me any that...
  16. wolf man

    Northern Lights pics????

    Guys, whats the best way to take pics of the Northern Lights? What sort of exposure times should I be looking at? Any advice would be helpful cheers
  17. wolf man

    RM tipi???

    Hi folks wondering if you could help. Just been watching the R.M. Extreme Survival the one when he's in Belarus and noticed the tipi. Any ideas what make and model it is and where i may be able to get more info from. I would basically like to replace my 3 season tent, and want...
  18. wolf man

    Up coming Malaysia trip

    As a 10 year anniversary, SWMBO and I are planning on a month long trip to Malaysia during the school holidays. :lmao: The plan is to take in the culture, beaches and lots of diving and generally explore. While there we would also like to do a jungle bushcraft/survival course. I have...
  19. wolf man

    Jungle training recomendations

    Hi guys need some advice; my partner and I would like to do a Jungle training trip next year. The problem is that not sure who offers the best courses. Do you have any suggestions as to who to go with and where. Mr Mears courses are out of my pocket range, and i;m sure that i would be...
  20. wolf man

    Dryad's saddle, is it edible??????

    I'm confused :confused: Out walking in the local woods and come across loads of Dryad's saddle (Polyporus squamosus), now the problem is that i'm getiing conflicting information about their edibility. According to Mr Mears (Survival Handbook) and Roger Phillips (the BIG book)they are...