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    Leather oil?

    Hi, I've just purchased a Romanian backpack and bread bag, the leather straps are as stiff as a piece of bread that's been in the freezer for a year! What do you suggest that will make them more supple? Thanks.
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    Material sourcing

    Apologies if this has been posted before but I'd like some suggestions on good websites to sources materials for DIY bushcraft projects. Thought it would be a good list to compile. I realise it would be a big list as projects are very varied. But things like leather, sil nylon, waxed canvas...
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    Moto Bushcrafting gear?

    Hi, My motorcycle is my main mode of transport the the moment, until it gets icy! I'm a beginner in both motorcycling and bush crafting (which I realise is probably a dangerous situation to be in!) I was wondering if there was apparel that would be advantages in both disciplines? So clothing...
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    A tight fit!

    Hi, I just bought a plain leather sheath for my Mora Garberg knife from TBS and boy is it a tight fit! I wrestle to remove it from the sheath and I'm worried about trimming my waist line of the wrong kind when removing it from the sheath...
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    Car boot sales

    It seems car boot sales is the place to get some serious bargains especially if you know what you are looking at. Does anybody have any recommendations for car boot sales where there are regular army surplus sellers? Cheers in advance!
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    Socks and gloves

    Hi guys, any recommendations for socks and gloves? Have seen a few from Endicotts but have no idea what's good? Mainly for general bushcrafting, a little hiking and motorcycling. Thanks
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    SOLOGNAC jackets

    Hi, I very new to this game and in need of some kit. Was thinking to start off with a jacket and came across the 'SOLOGNAC' their stuff looks pretty good. Just wondering if you guys had any experience with their jackets? Quality, waterproofing, comfort, true to size etc? Thanking you in advance.