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  1. James Higgins

    Multimat not holding air? - no puncture

    Can someone advise as to what might be the problem with my self inflating multimat. I've had my multimat stored away for quite a few years in its stuff sack. I know it worked the last time I stored it away, but now i have got it out after a long time it won't hold air. Any suggestions...
  2. James Higgins

    Price of alcohol fuel in Spain vs U.K

    I've recently converted to using alcohol stoves for brew making and simple cooking. Before I moved to Spain about 4 years ago I used to use gas or hexi tabs and I was not aware of the price of meths for alcohol stoves. I am currently in the U.K for Christmas and it shocked me to see the price of...
  3. James Higgins

    Wrapping up in a tarp?

    I am trying to find out if I can substitute a tarp for a bivvy bag. I mostly like to bivvy with a lightweight poncho/tarp for a bit of cover over the head and shelter from the wind. After watching a few videos on youtube of some people making a sort of fajita wrap using their tarp, i wondered if...
  4. James Higgins

    What draws you to the woods?

    What draws you to nature, or more particularly the woods? Do most people just enjoy being out there doing their 'bushcraft thing', or do people have other reasons for enjoying the woods apart from bushcraft, such as enjoying the peace and solitude the woods naturally offers - a welcome break...
  5. James Higgins

    Homeless or just bivvying?

    Hi I'm quite new here but I'd like to share an experience I had whilst bivvying in Cornwall recently. I had a pleasant few days or so moving around the South West Coast path sleeping at times on cliff tops, the beach or at times discreet places in small villages. After my sojurn of...