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  1. tiger stacker

    Ax shoulder case

    Has anyone actually made a axe carrier or used one?
  2. tiger stacker

    Build your own Nice idea, look forward to seeing the finished product.
  3. tiger stacker

    fog catcher Interesting article, looks innovative way to stop desertification.
  4. tiger stacker

    Meindl Ibex boots

    Any one else tried these boots, they are the desert fox in dark tan. Tempted to try them
  5. tiger stacker

    Canal Kelpies

    If you drive along the M9 Eastwards your eye catches the two great silver heads above the canal. After watching them rise they look magnificent at dawn.
  6. tiger stacker


    In South America, a new mammal has been identified. This four legged creature has been around for a long time, yet was mistaken for an Olinga. Attempts to breed failed baffling the zoo keepers. Full story can be read at:)
  7. tiger stacker


    After a quick wander, around Blacks tiso and GO in Glasgow. Searching for good green gaiters led me here A cornucopia with good prices, helpful staff and of course a smile as i purchased what i sought. They even stock mr Grylls stuff as well.
  8. tiger stacker

    Thistle Sale in Cumbernauld Scotland

    If anyone is after some jackets or trousers, there is a clearance sale in Cumbernauld this weekend. Got the dpm ecw hat for a £5, Mittens for £3 as well Both desert and Temperate wet weather jackets +over trousers. Various goretex jackets on offer as well as fleeces and thermals. They...