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    Ventile Jacket

    Ok lads - its been bagged and I'll be posting it out in the next couple of days, but thanks for all the interest. I'll be having a bit of a clearout over the next few weeks, and some stuff will be going for collection/postage, and some for sale.
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    Ventile Jacket

    I don't know if this is the right bit to post this on - if not, I apologise - its been a couple of years since I was on this forum and the new look has confused me! I have a Survival Aids Arctic Ranger Ventile jacket if anyone would like it. I'm not selling it, its free to anyone who collects or...
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    Blacks Icelandic sleeping bag

    I donated my old Blacks Icelandic a couple of years ago (the bit where stuff is sold) at the Wilderness gathering, together with my old Camp Trails Astral Cruiser pack frame and sac. I had it from school and it had been to North Norway, Canada, and all over Wales and the Lake District. I hadn't...
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    Anyone made/makes Bahco Laplander leather sheaths?

    Ben Orford made mine about 9 years ago. Still excellent.
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    Cold weather jackets. Swedish M90, Snugpak Sleeka and BG polar parka

    I'm interested in the M90! How do we make the deal?
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    Folder in the jeep - stick otherwise.
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    Source of webbing / buckles etc

    Try USMCpro
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    I haven't had pemmican for years. I used to love it (along with the dried lifeboat ration packs you used to be able to pick up in the old YHA store in John Adam Street), but the calorie content was pretty high! Let us know how you like it Sam.
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    light meters

    They are independent of the camera. You enter your ISO, take the reading (incident, reflected or spot) and read off the Shutter speed/aperture settings and transfer them to your camera. Robert is then your mother's brother:)
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    Victorinox Mauser Knife

    Well, the insurers are sending me £124 for the Mauser and Trekker, which I think is very fair. I'll hold off buying a replacement for a while though. Thanks for all the help and guidance you've all given me, I do appreciate it. Annoying as the burglary was, it could have been a lot worse; they...
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    Victorinox Mauser Knife

    I hate Ryanair - after one experience with them, I'd rather walk than use them again.
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    Victorinox Mauser Knife

    Thanks lads - I appreciate the help. It was a bit of a sickener Sam to be sure, but as I said, not very much was taken and they didn't do any damage (other than to the back door handle and lock, and that has been beefed up!)
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    Victorinox Mauser Knife

    Can anyone help me with a question? I came home from a holiday in Germany on Friday night, to find that we had been burgled. Luckily, not too much was taken, but among the things that were nicked was my Victorinox Mauser Officers knife. I bought this new many years ago because I liked the look...
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    camera on a budget

    A camera is a fairly personal bit of kit -what suits my hand may not suit yours. Its always worth while having a look at camera shops (if there are any in your vicinity) to see what they have in the second-hand line. A lot of people trade in for the latest model, and second-hand digitals don't...
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    Seasons 1 & 2 of Ray Mears Extreme Survival on DVD

    I've also got the 2005 set; how does the new set differ?
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    Had to get the snow chains out.

    Yes - once you are safely on tarmac, you have to take them off. Leaving them on wrecks the tyres, and badly affects handling/steering.
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    Emergency flying ration MK9, ever wondered what's inside?

    I liked turblokken! I actually ate it for preference as a snack when I got back from my first Norway trip about 40 years ago. My excuse was that it was better to buy some fresh packs for the next trip:) I think they were called Lifeboat rations. As for RAF survival rations - the tins were magic...
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    using a bow for (victimless) sport.

    You don't need any form of license to own a bow whether you want to use it for any kind of target archery, reenactment activities, or even just keeping it hanging around the house doing nothing. You can't use a bow to hunt any animal (including birds and fish) in the UK. Some places won't sell...
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    Wild Britain With Ray Mears DVD

    "BBC, ITV, DVD or indeed any other acronym.... Just pleased we have another series to enjoy " I agree (steps back and waits for the "RM is vastly overrated grumble grumble" brigade). I enjoyed his Survival series on ITV. The man can't rehash "friction firelighting" or whatever all the time...
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    Arctic/Winter Boots

    When I went on the Woodlore Arctic and Telemark courses, I used Lowa combat boots - 1 size larger, with Lundhags felted insoles (I took 2 pairs to change out and dry them), and 2 or 3 pairs of socks as needed. The socks were on a layer principal - thin merino (200g) and thicker merino(600g) with...