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    Kent river trip(The longest day)

    Todays the day , can you all meet up at the boat yard on time so we can all catch the tide, see you all later
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    Kent meet on the Tuesday 12th of June

    7.30 pm at the Red Lion Badlesmere , that's on the A251 between Faversham and Ashford, all welcome for a chat and a pint
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    Kent meet Tuesday evening 12th September

    7.30 at the Red Lion Badlesmere, near Faversham on the A251. All welcome for a pint and a chat about this years expeditions.:D
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    Kent meet for July

    Meet is going to be at the Wagon and Horses Ashford, 7.30 on Tuesday the 11th July. Wagon & Horse Faversham Road, Ashford TN27 0NR This is open meet ,so if you want to turn up please come along
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    Kent meet Tuesday 13 June

    There will not be a meeting this month due to the fact most of the group will be on the overseas adventure :canoe:
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    Mid kent canoe trip- May, For the Kent group

    As discussed at the meet on Tuesday 9th of May ,I can confirm that there will be a canoe river/ trip camp out next week ,it looks like we will get the first days of summer weather . Please remember you will have to travel light as there is no support boat to carry the kitchen sink, everything...
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    Proposed Kent Meet 9th May

    Kent meet will be on the 9th of May, but guess what, I can't decide on the venue, we have met at the George and Dragon at Fordwich in the past, it might be time for a change, keep an eye on this thread and I'll decide soon
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    Kent meet Tuesday evening 11 th March

    The Kent Group will be meeting at the George and Dragon Fordwich at 19.30, If you fancy a Pint and a chat pop in .
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    Kent meet Tuesday evening 14th March

    The days are drawing out ,yes it's time for our monthly meet up in the George and Dragon at Fordwich. All are welcome to pop along for chat and a pint t about 7.30 pm
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    Kent meet Tuesday evening 14th feb

    The days are now drawing out and our monthly get together has come around again, Tuesday's meet is at the George and Dragon Fordwich, Canterbury. 7.30 pm The meet is open to anyone , so please come and meet some like minded people.
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    Kent meet 10th of January

    Yes it's 2017, so the Kent group will be having a meet up at the George and Dragon at Fordwich at around 7.30pm on Tuesday the tenth, if you fancy a bit of banter and a pint please come along for an hour or two
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    Kent meet 8 th November

    Yes it's come around again , it's the monthly meet in the George and Dragon at Fordwich, which is Canterbury. All welcome come down for a bit of banter and a pint or two. 7.30
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    Kent meet 11 th October

    Kent monthly meeting at the George and Dragon Fordwich 7.30, normally nice beers available and a bit of good banter All wecome:D
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    South east away water meetings

    Well, what a good couple of water meets we've had covering the upper Thames and then last week the Wargrave ,Henley and Basingstoke canal areas ,many thanks to the people who helped organise the meets and looking after those who are less experienced in kayaks and open canoes , the weather held...
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    Kent meet 13 Sept

    George and Dragon Fordwich 7.30 tonight all welcome
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    This is what bushcraft is about
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