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  1. Perrari

    La Sportiva Winter Mountaineering boots size 7 (EU 40.5) as new condition.

    These are my girlfriends La Sportiva winter mountaineering boots. Size 7. They are approximately around 8 yrs old, and she has worn them a couple of times but the soles show no sign of wear, so are as new. I don't remember the model but think they are a Trango GTX. They are compatible with a...
  2. Perrari

    Fishing on the Gower Peninsula

    I am going camping on the Gower peninsula in a couple of weeks time, and was wondering if anyone can recommend any good sea fishing spots. Thanks Eifion
  3. Perrari

    Lightwave lightweight pegs & guylines

    I have for sale on behalf of a friend lightweight pegs made by Lightwave. All are new & unused. Prices include Paypal & postage to mainland UK. SORRY ! But I am not interested in any trades ! Lightning pegs pack of 6 SOLD ! Here are a couple links to manufacturers & stockist...
  4. Perrari

    O S Mapping for iPhone ? Which is the best value for money ?

    I will be taking delivery of an iPhone in the next couple of days, and would really like to have O S mapping on it to use as a GPS. There seems to be a few of them out there. I have looked at Map finder from O.S. themselves and Memory Map but not sure what to go for ? Who uses them or anything...
  5. Perrari

    Axe Head I.D. Please

    I was given this by my Father who picked it up last week in an antique shop. It has been soaked in vinegar for 24 hrs, and I have cleaned it up a bit. As seen from the pictures it has a makers mark but I don't know it ? Any ideas ? I doubt if the axe is that old, but it is a nice shaped axe...
  6. Perrari

    AT LAST ! My New Anvil !

    Finally got one last Thursday. Andy (Everything Mac) said if I didn't post pictures it never happened ! So here they are Andy. Made by Isaac Nash & Sons of Stourbridge. From what I can find out it was made between 1888 and 1912. It weighs 243 lbs or 110Kg. Not in pristine condition as you...
  7. Perrari

    Adding pictures to PM's from computer.

    I have never tried it before, but was going to send pictures via PM this morning, but there is no option to add from computer (as with normal posts) only from URL.
  8. Perrari

    Car Boot hoard for my forging intentions.

    As you may of seen on this thread I intend to try my hand at forging. Still not got an anvil but still looking, and going somewhere tomorrow to look at one. Anyway I got up early this morning and went to a car boot to see what tools I...
  9. Perrari

    Found a small Kent pattern axe that I forgot I owned !

    I was rummaging in the shed today looking for cold chisels, when I came across a small wooden tool box that I had forgotten about. It used to belong to my girlfriends father. I found a Stanley plane, 2 small wooden spirit levels, try square, 3 cold chisels, a gin trap,3 bits for a bit & brace...
  10. Perrari

    Modified Kent pattern axe

    Here is a Parkes kent pattern axe that has been refurbed & modified. Axe has a 2" shorter handle than a GB wildlife hatchet and a slightly heavier head (1.5lb). It is beautifully balanced for splitting & chopping and is very sharp. Comes complete with mask (not the prettiest but works). More...
  11. Perrari

    Big Bird walking staff !

    A walking staff I made recently, hazel with antler top. The antler was an offcut of antler I bought for my knives but it was screaming out 'I want to be a walking staff'. The eyes are taxidermy eyes for a Sparrow hawk. Still not quite finished I need to blend the wood to the antler a bit more...
  12. Perrari

    A question for the Blacksmiths amongst us regarding anvil base.

    I am 95% certain to get my hands on an anvil this weekend so I can try my hand at forging. Initially I was thinking of making a concrete plinth then putting a tree stump on it to support the anvil, then I thought if I am mixing concrete I could make some shuttering and make a taller plinth that...
  13. Perrari

    Bold Text in post titles.

    Why do my posts not have bold text in the title as most do, but not everyone ?
  14. Perrari

    Bone Handled Whittler / carver / neck knife.

    Recently finished this Whittler, 3mm thick 01, 6.25" overall with 2.5" blade, cow bone scales with black liners and mosaic pins. The bone I got off my butcher, it is the hind leg of a cow, he is going to keep me a front leg bone next time as he says the wall thickness is bigger. I wanted a...
  15. Perrari

    Woodfest Wales Chainsaw Carving & axe forging

    Some of the Amazing Chainsaw carvings at this years show. Nic Westermann (nic on here) forging axes. They truly are beautiful axes.
  16. Perrari

    Parkes Kent Pattern axe refurb & modification

    A Parkes Kent pattern axe that was given to me by my sister, which I refurbed & modified. The axe head originally weighed 1.5lbs, and now weighs just under 1lb. The shaft is hickory and is 11.25" long (approx. 2" shorter than my GB Wildlife Hatchet). The axe has been sharpened & stropped and...
  17. Perrari

    A few knives I finished recently- Lots of pics

    This was a Whitler I made with antler scales, 2.5" blade 6.25" overall 3mm thick.The blade was designed around the antler to try and maintain most of the texture of the antler. The 'Bigun' bushcraft knife with Holm/Holly oak scales. Bushcraft knife with antler scales. Two mini...
  18. Perrari

    Unable to change font size in signature

    I have tried to change the font size in my signature, but regardless of which size I choose it remains the same (small). I have tried saving with no signature, then re doing it and it is the same, I have also tried logging out & even re starting the computer but it stays the same. I don't think...
  19. Perrari

    How do I find out when my paid subscription ends ?

    I am sure it ends this month sometime, but cannot find it in profile/settings area although I have seen it there before. I have not received any notification either ? Should I ? Thanks
  20. Perrari

    Not getting e-mail notification for PM's

    Just noticed the last 2 private messages that I received were not forwarded to my e-mail. Not had any messages for a few weeks until this week. Checked the general settings & it is selected on there to receive e-mail notifications. Anybody else with same problem ?