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  1. tiger stacker

    Mid-Length Boot ?

    Karimor SF for that all leather winter boot, or AKU high leg boot….
  2. tiger stacker

    Summer hats - styles and options

    Have a nosey for the trusty panama hat, failing that there sombero style floppy hats. The army issue you one with a velcro neck shield, mostly trimmed down to avoid the mushroom look.
  3. tiger stacker

    Bivvy Bags...worth it?

    The bivvy bag complimented the bouncing bomb horizontal sleep machine. It replaced the trusty 58 bag, designed with waterproof booth and buttons for attaching the 58 poncho. the 58 bag was good if looked after, outgrowing it i discovered the bouncing bomb with bag was a better set up. They are...
  4. tiger stacker

    The Covid19 Thread

    I do miss the pub after work
  5. tiger stacker

    Men of Inspiration

    Edmund Hilary Rick Rescorla Robert Rogers
  6. tiger stacker

    Kidney Surgery

    Good luck enjoy the recovery you'll feel like a new man once you're on your feet again
  7. tiger stacker

    The Covid19 Thread

    Being in self isolation can be hard, relying on online deliveries to keep the fridge full has been the main goal. Avoiding a flat car battery, the car had been given two runs to keep it ticking it over. If i hadn't it would be a new battery once the rules get relaxed again. Top tip when ordering...
  8. tiger stacker

    Unusual Book

    I could pick it up if you're around glasgow during the week...
  9. tiger stacker

    Hat recommendations please

    It is where to buy them though….
  10. tiger stacker

    Hat recommendations please

    So good near enough every other company has copied it in some form or another…i keep losing them, so gave up owning one I bought a hat from keela, that was almost the same design that tesco sold for three quid. I prefer the tesco version for being looser. Sometimes it pays to wander round...
  11. tiger stacker

    Not Bushcraft - socks, have they become less durable?

    Having worn out numerous socks over the years, the cheap and cheerful grey black bundles from asda seem to last the longest for daily wear. Bridgedales thorlos? smart wool all seems to shrink over time with the washing machine monster rumbling away( no spin cycle) The nice argyle pattern thin...
  12. tiger stacker

    Sold Buffalo Jacket/Shirt Olive

    There is the hooded with face cover too….
  13. tiger stacker

    Cooking out of a partially converted van

    Don't forget the trusty kelly kettle for hot water….saves on gas while burning most combustibles…..
  14. tiger stacker

    Cooking out of a partially converted van

    Flexible metal windshield that can fold into a wide or tight C shape. Depending on meals, invest in a simple steamer set, steamed fish is a welcome change to boiled veg. Tinfoil helps with spices sauces and of course tabasco. The trick is to set up with tarp on or off shield at different angles...
  15. tiger stacker

    Snugpak Blanket

    A poncho liner can make the difference when snuggled together(4 ton truck trick) call it a placebo effect. They are up there with jack flasks….
  16. tiger stacker

    Small basic grill?

    Noisily until recently….depending on who you choose to believe
  17. tiger stacker

    Snugpak Blanket

    Before you buy look at the humble woobie(poncho liner)
  18. tiger stacker

    I am Pretending I am Allright...

    To be honest i didn't know that Miss Thunberg had what you typed, i assumed she was a young girl, who saw a problem highlighted it. Raising world attention to said problem.
  19. tiger stacker

    I am Pretending I am Allright...

    Onwards and upwards think positive mental attitude it does work and is less painful than a bum being kicked