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  1. welchyd1

    Wanted Leatherman Juice (Old model if possible)

    Does anyone have one that they would like to part with?
  2. welchyd1

    Evernew DX stand

    Does anyone have one of these stands they would like to move on?
  3. welchyd1

    Case Seahorse Whittler

    Does anyone have a Case Seahorse Whittler that they are willing to part with?
  4. welchyd1

    Finally handled my Fieldcrafter blank

    Got a bit bored after work this evening so I decided to handle my fieldcrafter blank. I've been trying to find the right scales for it as I like things to be a bit different from the norm. I decided on dymondwood and yellow liners. Next is to make a green sheath to go with it.
  5. welchyd1

    New toy to play with HW97kt Stainless

    Picked this up last night unfortunately it's been raining the last two evenings so haven't had a chance to play with it yet.
  6. welchyd1

    Handled a blank and first sheath

    I had a spyderco mule blank which needed a handle. After a very kind member on here sent me some strange handle material I had no excuse to leave it any longer. I also took the opportunity to have a go at making a sheath for it. I knew the exact style I wanted even though a simple fold over type...
  7. welchyd1

    Snugpak Elite 2

    Does anyone have an Elite 2 they are willing to part with.
  8. welchyd1

    Golite Shangri-la 3

    Does anyone have one of these they are thinking of moving on?
  9. welchyd1

    Dog bowl stove

    A friend of mine, Red Fox came up with an idea for a stove based on one which uses two catering type dishes on top of each other. Instead of the catering dishes we used dog bowls. I found some stainless shim steel on eBay to use for the flue. I also made some stove jacks for our canvas arctic...
  10. welchyd1

    My first ever spoon

    At my last meet I thought I would have a go at making a teaspoon for my brew kit. I had some offcuts of 2 year seasoned ash from building my canoe which was hard as hell.
  11. welchyd1

    Arctic sleep system advice

    I am just wondering what people have used in the past to sleep in that works at silly low temperatures. Currently I have Exped downmat 9dlx Army bivi bag -5 down bag -5 softie 9 synthetic bag Softie suit and booties Merino base layers Does this sound practical
  12. welchyd1

    FOUND Snow shoes FOUND

    Does anyone have any snow shoes they are willing to part with?
  13. welchyd1

    Size 9ish boots for Arctic use.

    Has anyone got anything surplus to requirements that fits the bill?
  14. welchyd1

    16ft Apache canoe kit in Congo colour

    Took delivery of my new canoe kit this evening. The proprietor dropped it off himself and he is a thoroughly nice bloke, extremely helpful. I can't wait to get stuck into it. Only managed to trim the excess material this evening as I'm shattered. I'll have another go tomorrow.
  15. welchyd1


    Where is the cheapest place to buy paraffin?
  16. welchyd1

    NOW TRADED Spyderco UKPK FRN Grey for trade

    I have an unused never carried UKPK for trade. Not too sure what I'm after so try me. Trade value of about £40.
  17. welchyd1

    Need a little favour. Anyone got a DC3 stone to hand?

    Does anyone have a dc3 stone to hand? If so could you measure the thickness for me please. Cheers
  18. welchyd1

    Has anyone tried these tarps?

    Ive recently taken a gamble on a cheap silnylon tarp from germany that I found on amazon for £35 delivered. It arrived today and I'm pretty pleased with it. Here are the details
  19. welchyd1

    UKhammocks 2/3 Summer UQ compression sack

    Hi guys, just received my underquilt from Matt and its amazing. For gone reason I assumed it would come with a stuff/compression sack. Unfortunately it didn't. Does anyone know of one that would be suitable?
  20. welchyd1

    Modded my bivi bags

    I got sick of wiggling into my bivi bags so I decided to get the sewing machine out and add some zips to them. I never use them on there own without a tarp so I didn't need to use waterproof zips and seam sealer. I'm really pleased with them now. I couldn't justify the £90 for a Snugpak one the...