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    Multi-tool ?

    I have a swiss tool and if I carry it, it's for a good reason and I really don't care if it is deemed illegal
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    Hello from the Ribble Valley

    Your in, welcome.
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    Runner beans galore!

    blanch ,dry off , salt and store in a air tight jar , my fave in the winter
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    Anger amid rise in 'dirty camping' in rural Scotland

    The takeaway litter problem could be addressed by putting a bar code label that would supply time and basic card info used for purchase, from that photos and basic tracing info can be gleaned , it would also show that suppliers are taking more responsibility , and even disguising the purpose...
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    What did you buy today?

    Use rock pegs for the key points, even a couple makes sure canvas stays put
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    Bury or burn?

    modern incinerators deal with it better than an individual
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    Bury or burn?

    You take it home with you ,and dispose of it through the domestic waste. The only thing left behind on a vacated site should be a memory and a bit of flattened grass, nothing more .
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    Cyano Acrylate dissolvent

    Must be debonder been around for years , normally used to get cyno out of clothes in my case
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    Legal advise please.. help!

    Hard evidence is what you need cameras and witness statements are the way to go as this acts a good lever to make the police more proactive
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    What equipment should I buy? Tarp & Bivvy?

    A good multi tool is a must, I'm looking for one that can fix stupid!
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    Few custom Catapult builds

    I bought one of these, a tenner off E bay.
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    Bushcraft & disability - disabled bushcrafter

    I think the best advise is to try a buddy up with fellow physically fit bush crafters and work as a group , don't try the go it alone method as you may just get yourself into a whole heap of sh*t , and don't use Janne's advice ! Farm or land owners will not want to be responsible for lone...
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    Best quality camo fleece jacket

    I agree with that, the Helicon fleece is very good , let down a bit by the Velcro / cuffs
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    Edible firelighters.

    You can actually smoke tea leaves, if that's your want
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    Antiques shop find

    A little gem !
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    Happy memories of Woolworths

    Airfix Models , glue , paint and brushes for a wet Saturday afternoon
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    Skeeters and dubstep

    Carry on I'm deaf
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    What did you buy today?

    Are "These boots made for walking " Lol, Nice buy Nancy