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  1. Eric_Methven

    My Mooting days are over.

    Well, I knew this day would come eventually. Last year was a physical struggle, and my kncakerdness and achyness this year is worse. Add to that my 67 year old wife can no longer be left to fend for herself for two weeks and it comes down to last year being my last moot. Good luck everyone...
  2. Eric_Methven

    Amateur Radio Foundation Licence course at the 2016 Bushmoot.

    OK, just an update on the suggestion for running an intesnive three day amateur radio foundation licence course workshop followed by an official Ofcom exam at next year's bushmoot. I've approached the government departments that sanction such courses, and applied for registered assessor status...
  3. Eric_Methven

    Eric's bushy pics.

    Here's a few of the pics from the moot that either myself or Andy took. If you click on any of the pics, it'll take you to my Photobucket album where you can see all of them. Great fun. Even the weather was exciting. Can't wait for next year. Eric
  4. Eric_Methven

    Live stream of Battle of the Nations (Hard contact fighting in armour)

    Here's a live stream feed of grown men in armour knocking the cr@p out of each other on the field of battle. Great fun, and nobody gets killed.
  5. Eric_Methven

    Not true Bushcraft, but definitely DIY

    If you've read the posts in the Bushmoot section, you probably know that I'll be setting up and running a special event amaterur radio station for the duration, as well as carrying out extensive field tests just to see what I can do with the gear I've built. So, I've been a busy boy for the...
  6. Eric_Methven

    The moot has it's own ham radio callsign

    As I'm running a ham radio station at the moot to do field experiments under wilderness conditions, I thought I'd apply for a special event callsign from Ofcom. It's just for the weekend 8th - 10th Aug, but it means that other people can use the radios and use the special event callsign. The...
  7. Eric_Methven

    Bushmoot Radio

    Seeing as I am setting up an amateur radio station and demonstration at the moot, I thought I would apply for a notice of variation (NoV)to my own callsign, so that any other licenced radio hams at the moot can operate my gear and still stay within the legal framework. I am applying for the...
  8. Eric_Methven

    Pre Moot Leatherwork Course.

    It's not listed on the course list on the Bushmoot web page yet, but just letting anyone interested know that there WILL be a leatherwork course as normal this year. I only mention it here as I've had messages and emails asking me. Also as usual, bookings and finances through Shelly please. Eric
  9. Eric_Methven

    Winders for paracord, rope or wire antennas.

    This project was born out of necessity. There's nowt worse than opening your kit and pulling out the ridgeline for your hammock tarp to find it's all tangled up with antenna wires and tarp guy lines. Been there, done that - usually at dusk when I'm knackered already. So, I set about seeing...
  10. Eric_Methven

    Amateur radio demonstration at the moot.

    I want to know how radio will work in a location where there's no WiFi or mobile coverage, so the moot seems the ideal place to do field tests. With that in mind, I'll be setting up a fully legal and Ofcom licenced radio station down at my camping area. I'll also do a one day "Introduction to...
  11. Eric_Methven

    Making a Capote (Blanket Coat).

    Know what this blanket coat is called? It's a Capote. Favored by Mountain Men, fur trappers and Native Americans alike. These (the blankets) were traded for beaver and other fur bearing animal pelts in North America up till the 1850's when the fur trapping industry pretty much collapsed. They...
  12. Eric_Methven

    A little bit of blatant self promotion (non commercial though).

    All of the tutorials I do or have done in the past often get lost in the pages of the various Fora I frequent. So I thought I'd put them all in one place. Yay! I've made myself a Blog page. So all of my meandering wierdness can now be found in a little corner of the Interwebs called...
  13. Eric_Methven

    Tutorial Repeat: Waxed leather drinking flask.

    [i](Note: I lost the original photos to this tutorial when the host server closed down and my own originals were trapped in an old hard drive no longer connected to my computer. I've managed to get them back and make a new tutorial as a number of members have asked for it).[i/] Making a waxed...
  14. Eric_Methven

    A cracking good leatherworking course.

    Just spent a cracking weekend running a leatherworking course down in Cambridge. I met Andor and his family at the Bushmoot last year and did some leatherwork with them as they had to fit looking after two little ones round their availability, therefore they couldn't really do the three day...
  15. Eric_Methven

    A small but important favour to ask.

    I need to ask a small, but important favour from people who were at the Bushmoot. My Grandson Cameron Wood didn't quite get the exam results he needed to get onto the Uniformed Services course (police), he was hoping to attend at college in September. The course director said when his mum...
  16. Eric_Methven

    Drew Dunn Respect's memorial tree planting.

    I believe the tree planting for Drew will be on the Saturday. I picked the plaque up this morning from the engravers. Let's give him a good sendoff. Eric
  17. Eric_Methven

    Childhood memories

    I'll never forget my childhood summers, climbing into old tyres and rolling downhill. They were goodyears.
  18. Eric_Methven

    Drew Dunn Respect's funeral service details.

    Wednesday 29th May, 12.30pm, St Josephs Church, 11 Darlington Lane, Norton, Stockton-on-Tees, TS20 1EW All his bushcraft friends are welcome to attend. Following the service there will be a wake at Norton Cricket Club. Station Road. Norton. Stockton on Tees. Teesside. TS20 1PE.
  19. Eric_Methven

    A grand day out!

    I had a brilliant time yesterday letting a bunch of kids shoot guns (blanks) and showing them how to light a fire with flint and striker. Didn't get piccies of the firelighting as I was too busy, but I did get a newspaper photographer to take my camera and shoot these.
  20. Eric_Methven

    Donagh O'Riordan funeral arrangements.

    For those of you who knew Donagh, and wish to pay respects, here are the funeral details. Friday 30th November. 11:00am Pagan Service 'Walter Johnson&Sons' Erskine PA8 7AA 12:00 Green Burial at Lochwinnoch Woodland Lochwinnoch PA12 4DJ 13:00-16:00 Viking Feast Erskine Bridge Hotel...