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    My large/group first aid kit.

    A couple of plain paper clips(not painted) and a small lighter. For melting through a finger nail after you`ve hit it with mallet etc.
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    A silly man?

    Just a little thought about the lack of skills,equipment and being prepared.Fourteen years ago i was caught by something we all take for granted- health/fitness, and at 36 felt fit and healthy not a problem carrying a 50 lb bag all the right stuff but on my own.Miles from any small village and...
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    Legalities of using a hobo stove

    I think the problem is more the smoke that comes from any form of hobo type stove when first lit.To most of the general public you are distroying the ozone and poluting the air that they are breathing---smell/smoke from bbq is different the `smoke` is caused by burnt food or fat and certainly...
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    Washing Down Bags? Advice needed

    I`ve cleaned two down bags a few years ago---one i did myself and the other went to the cleaners.The one i did myself turned out to have the best result as i had plenty of time to dry the bag in the tumble dryer which took somewere in the region of 4/5 hours on a low heat setting and had to be...
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    Reccomded Stove for DoE?

    Probably the most used stove on D of E is the Trangia and runs on meths.
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    British Army Soldier 95 DPM Ripstop Jacket

    The `95 ripstop jacket is not that waterproof and by wearing the gortex underneath you still have use of all pockets and protecting the gortex jacket from scuffs and scrapes.Cheapest place probably e bay!!!
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    Bushcrafting for bairns

    I wouldn`t worry, they only tend to cut themselves once and then they are more careful !!! My three boys all had knives when about 7/8 and they too where very sharp.The problem that they had was getting the knife out of the sheath and also putting it back---they had a horrible habit of holding...
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    brass pans

    In the same way that copper enters the body from pans does the wearing of the copper bracelet around the wrist(that sends your wrist green ) cause the same problems?? I was led to believe that the copper/ toxins that entered the paws in the skin was actually good for joint problems or is this...
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    Summary Of Responses On Adding Further Weapons To The Offensive Weapons Order

    When i grew up as with most on this forum we lived in a place that did have rights and wrongs.We had fooball and all sorts of other sports that were not linked in any way to politics.Now it seems politics control everything we do or have to do in our daily lives including our spare/leisure time...
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    Platypus 1L Bottle - Funny Taste?

    Don`t forget to get the mixture down the drinking tube and check that the mouth piece isn`t perished.You will be surprised of the results!!
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    Platypus 1L Bottle - Funny Taste?

    Thats the best thing for removing the plastic smell/taste out of of drinking containers---have used this methed around most horrible places in the world and on your make of bladder!!!!
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    Platypus 1L Bottle - Funny Taste?

    Try warm water and add a quarter of a mug of vinegar leave over night rinse with clean water a couple of times and the job is done!!
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    Trangia fuel

    It certainly does work,the mix is 10% water which you can mix before going out.
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    Experiences with the Snugpak bivy bag?

    I prefer to be on the ground rather than between two trees as i cannot seem to get any sleep in a hammock because i`m a figit ****! The snugpack bivvy is an only just fit bag with no room for anything but you and sleeping bag.I would say a military one is much better because of the extra...
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    Adventure therapy

    I have done outdoor pursuits with mentally handicapped kids but 20 odd years ago in Derbyshire.We ran `classes`in climbing,potholing,canoeing and abseiling.The kids involved really did benefit from their experience`s .There was certainly a change in their attitudes and behaviour for the...
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    Who is in the Bristol Area ?

    Forest,i live in the Forest of Dean,so if you need a lift/picking up anywhere give me a shout and i`ll ferry you to the`better parts` of the woodland!!