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  1. Uilleachan

    In the paddle strokes of the Inuit

    A couple of lads have paddled from Greenland to Scotland, to recreate the trips made by the Inuit of the 17-1800's Respect!
  2. Uilleachan

    Use of MBA Run Bothies by Commercial Groups Causing Issues!

    Why any commercially run activity would plan to use an open bothy as part of their activity for accommodation is beyond me. Anything other than part of an emergency plan or other contingency; such as rendezvous or tea stop in inclement conditions, is against the terms and conditions the MBA...
  3. Uilleachan

    Water Wind and Fire, a retrospective look at the birth of a National Park

    "Water Wind and Fire" is the title of the Loch Lomond episode of Weir's Way from 1970. For those who don't know of Tom Weir, google him, he even has his own tribute song so if you haven't heard of him, you've likely led a sheltered life :naughty: In this episode Tom floats over Loch Lomond...
  4. Uilleachan

    Fishing round my way

    Had a great day out yesterday, did a bit of walking n' fishing and ended up at my little gem loch, although she wasn't playing ball (read the description from this youtube link for the details and to see my weeist ever trout from here go back). Round here it's hill loch fishing for brown trout...
  5. Uilleachan

    Ok, Whats your own personal idea of a good homestead?

    As above :D Mines a quiet croft up a quiet glen with a river nearby, a good productive garden, space for a fodder crop or two, tatties, a coupe of cows a few sheep a decent quad and a good shed.
  6. Uilleachan

    Lots of snow up high in the scottish hills

    The weather has been too wild so far this winter for me to bother, I'm hoping for a calmer spell next month. The wind has been extremely fierce so far so hoping for some rest-bite. Despite the incessant wind and rain, up high it's been snowing almost non stop for weeks now, there have been many...
  7. Uilleachan

    Ok, what do others fill their sacks with and then carry?

    In response to this thread; It seems some of you carry quite "big" sacks so I'm interested what you take if you'd care to share. A full 120lt sack is a frightening prospect. I've carried some big heavy sacks in my time, but...
  8. Uilleachan

    Late season sea trout

    Had quite a few and lost quite a few fish, this morning. Kept these ones for the pan, 10 to 12oz perfect eaters. All the action on the wee burns has been crammed into the last few days of the season this year, as it was last. If there's still water around tomorrow morning I'll have...
  9. Uilleachan

    A visit to one of the local caves amid the guano

    Went for a wander along the shore near my house yesterday and called in to a cave I spent quite a bit of time hanging out in in my youth. Not really a day out more of a quick wander in the shadow of the old woman to remind me of my mortality (if you click my profile you can see the old woman's...
  10. Uilleachan

    A good year for the Black Currants

    Bit of a gale blowing yesterday so perfect for cropping the currants. I've 4 bushes out back that put out around 5kg annually and I use them to make jam :D Last year it was so midgie the daughter and her wee pal refused the bribe of a run to the village for sweets in exchange for doing the...
  11. Uilleachan


    Uilleachan, (Willie), here. Living on the NW coast of Scotland. Born and partly raised in Edinburgh I moved here as a teenager, hated it and swore I'd leave once I had the means, but never got round to it despite a few false starts and the odd attempt. I learned to love the very rain that...