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  1. homesicksteve

    Country Innovation Kestrel ventile trousers (or other brands?)

    I've not tried the Kestrel gear. My Rover jacket is quality & great design. Also recommend Country Innovation for customer service & buisness ethos. No affiliations..... My old Hilltrek Smock is still going strong.
  2. homesicksteve

  3. homesicksteve

    Low volume safety boots??
  4. homesicksteve

    Sheath ?

    I have one . PM follows tomorrow...
  5. homesicksteve

    The String Vest revisited… Fishnet Mesh Underwear

    I have these : Cotton. Now made in Poland. They do everything they're supposed to, as detailed by others above posts. I bought spares... In different situations I use a merino string vest, so no one answer to what's best. I have 2 observations to...
  6. homesicksteve

    Easy Website Creation.

    I recently got a domain & hosting package from Hostinger. It was straightforward & good value. It integrates with Wordpress which is free & open source. I'm a beginner & found it (relatively) easy to use & put up a basic website. When I looked at Wix it seemed I had to pay a subscription, or...
  7. homesicksteve

    Does a knife cut hurt less with a sharp knife?

    I clean/wipe all my blades with Choji Oil. The theory is that the clove oil is not only anti-septic, but also analgesic. Furthermore, the anti-fungal qualities are good for the inside of the sheath or scabbard.
  8. homesicksteve

    The old Britishblades forum

    That's the same dalmatian. Photos were posted on BB at the time of the blood....
  9. homesicksteve

    The old Britishblades forum

    Sometimes I see Fluffy walking his dog (dalmatian) .......
  10. homesicksteve

    Tactical Equipment

    ^ Yes. Criminals here are very well informed of the law & how to exploit the rules. Otherwise law-abiding citizens who make an admission, being unaware of the legalities, are much easier to prosecute... Upside down world.
  11. homesicksteve

    Tactical Equipment

    If attacked, rolling up a newspaper & using in a manner you can legally justify as self-defence is fine. Carrying a rolled up newspaper with that intention may cause a legal problem for you in the UK. My opinion. Nothing more. Disregard if you wish.
  12. homesicksteve

    Tactical Equipment

    If in the UK & intending to carry a 'tactical' pen I recommend being aware of potential legal implications. These have been discussed in detail elsewhere. Improvising with a Whale Tusk when justified is fine, carrying one 'just in case' will get you in trouble.... Stay safe.
  13. homesicksteve

    Tactical Equipment

    ^ note the use of BOLD letters on the word intention.
  14. homesicksteve

    Tactical Equipment

    I believe 'tactical' pens are designed to be used as a Kubotan. Of course, in the UK, carrying anything (even a banana) with the intention of using it in self-defence makes it an offensive weapon.
  15. homesicksteve

    Source of good pine tar soap?

    Used in the shower, it cleans well, rinses off very easily & has great fragrance. It leaves a slightly 'tacky' feeling of being coated in Pine Tar & if I'm going to be out in rain this is awesome as I feel waterproofed. Recommended. Stew - You organised the BB Urban ? And contribute much here...
  16. homesicksteve

    Source of good pine tar soap?

    I use Grandpa's I have bought from Ray Mears and from various Amazon sellers (including one in the US), according to where the best price is on the day. It comes in two sizes 92g & 120g (3 1/2 Oz & 4 1/2 Oz) Click image for full size :
  17. homesicksteve

    Dress up knife carry - what's yours?

    A SAK as a Dress Knife ?!! That's like wearing trainers (sneakers) with a suit.... Top marks for functionality, but a Zero for Sartorial Elegance. :emoji_spy:
  18. homesicksteve

    The String Vest revisited… Fishnet Mesh Underwear Old school menswear shop. They do phone orders !
  19. homesicksteve

    Wanted Benchmade Deep Carry Pocket clip

    How I got mine....
  20. homesicksteve

    Scandi grind on a new puukko

    I'd suggest zero grind scandi is a specialised wood working tool, due to the angle of 'attack' when carving. A small secondary bevel is stronger (more metal behind the edge) & more suited to all-round use. A lot depends on the heat treat, thickness of blade, and angle of primary bevel, so...