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  1. Bee Outdoors

    Regulating bushcraft

    We have so many restrictions concerning the way we act, enjoy and practice our skills in the wilderness. Before you say it, yes I totally understand why and I know we need them to protect the little wilderness we have. Some people think the way around all these laws is to license bushcraft or...
  2. Bee Outdoors

    The will to learn

    I often share or promote people that are skilled and knowledgable, people with a passion to teach others but also people with a desire to learn. I class myself as an outdoorsman and a multi skilled crafter, not wanting to put a title to what I do so let’s just say I live to learn and push myself...
  3. Bee Outdoors

    Teaching and learning

    May it be with good intention or not, sometimes we find ourselves telling people how to to do things. Telling someone how to do something is sometimes just as bad as telling them not to do it. No one likes to be told, rather shown how something is done and let them decide for themselves if...
  4. Bee Outdoors

    Skills and how they learned

    May you call it Bushcraft or wilderness survival skills, it really does not matter. I tend to apply any skill the way it works for me. There are proven methods of doing things and one should not disregard them but always question them in order to adapt them for yourself. I try not to play...
  5. Bee Outdoors

    New here

    hi nice to be here, my name is Alex and I run Bee Outdoors, I have 8 FB groups and a YouTube channel, I’m a keen outdoorsman and interested in most knowledge based skills. My motto is you never to old to learn and if it was made by man I can make it too. Hope to meet a few people on here that...