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  1. Hibrion

    Sweden - Pathfinder Survival Course with Dave Canterbury

    Hi all, I'm just back from Sweden after being sent on a Pathfinder Survival Course thanks to Bushcraft and Survival Skills Magazine and Outcraft canoe centre in Immeln Sweden. I won't do a full write up on this one as I'll be doing an article for the magazine, but I thought you guys might like...
  2. Hibrion

    Lough Erne canoe trip, Northern Island

    I'm planning on a short canoe camping trip this summer starting in upper Lough Erne in Co. Fermanagh. I was wondering if any of our members here have canoed and camped this area, particularly the islands on the upper lake and have any advice to share. Thanks
  3. Hibrion

    Some custom leather commissions from Myler Custom Leather

    Hi all, Sorry I've not posted much here lately - a lot of my commissions have been non-bushcrafty lately, but here are a few pictures that might interest some of you. Since my membership renewal was last month I was reminded to start contributing some threads again! Everything below is 100%...
  4. Hibrion

    Dutch Ovens

    I'd like to draw on the collective knowledge of this fine forum bwfore purchasing a dutch oven. I don't know much about them. I've used an alluminium one, but not cast iron. However, I have had cast iron pns in the past and found cleaning a bit awkward. I'd like something big enough to...
  5. Hibrion

    Damasteel Davy Moore hunting knife

    I have for sale a Davy Moore Sealgaire hunting knife. This knofe cane about as the result of a six montj long thread on the hunting forum on '' where members collaborated with Irish knife maker Davy Moore to create what they saw as the ultimate hunting knife. The thread can be found...
  6. Hibrion

    Some recent sheath commissions

    Hi guys, I hope everyone enjoyed the moot. I'm planning on getting over there next year, but couldn't due to other comitments this time. I made a few interesting sheaths recently I thought you'd like to see. Each is completely handmade, hand-carved and hand-stitched. All made from the finest...
  7. Hibrion

    Traditional American pattern pocket knives

    I'm very much a traditionalist at heart. I like leather and canvas and forged carbon steel knives and axes - these things seem to have a soul and are more than just tools. Although not carbon steel, one of my favourite pocket knives is a buck prince. It is so light you hardly notice it in your...
  8. Hibrion

    Dave, your inbox is full.

    Your inbox is full, Dave.
  9. Hibrion

    Canoeing the Yukon and Teslin rivers

    Trip report - Teslin and Yukon Rivers, June 2016 Earlier this year I took up the generous offer from Fabian of Bushcraft Yukon to embark on a ten-day, 400km trip down the Teslin and Yukon rivers in June. At the time it seemed like an age away, but the months flew by and I found myself stuck for...
  10. Hibrion

    Ferret75 your inbox is full

    Your inbox is full, mate. Blade and timber arrived.
  11. Hibrion

    Custom Cold Steel Trailmaster bowie

    For Sale A customised Cold Steel Trailmaster bowie with 'mountain man' rawhide sheath. Handle is top grade chestnut burl, with brass and buffalo horn and a mosaic pin. This was handled by Stewart Light a few years back. Sheath is the original Secure-ex, wrapped in rawhide with custom...
  12. Hibrion

    Water to go bottle

    I was re-stocking the med kit in boots yesterday and came across the water to go bottle with built in filter. It was reduced to ten euro and a quick google in the store told me it was worth a try at that price. Does anyone have one and how would you rate it? It claims to get ride of 99% of...
  13. Hibrion

    Thermarest or exped down mat

    My birthday is coming up soon and I'm being asked what I'd like so I thought it might be time to upgrade my sleeping arrangement I've mostly used cheapy closed cell foam mats, but I'm getting older now so i guess I should be looking after myself a bit more. I was hoping to hear everyone's...
  14. Hibrion

    Recent leatherwork - knife, sheath, belt and saddle

    Hi all, Here are a couple of commissions I had in relatively recently that I thought I'd share. First up is a knife, sheath and belt set for a professional deer stalker. He wanted a good stainless steel knife with a flat grind and a celtic knot work theme belt and sheath, with a removable...
  15. Hibrion

    Leather and Canvas axe cover

    Finished up a few bushcrafty commissions on the last few days. This one is a canvas and leather cover for a Gransfors Bruks Small Forest axe for one of our members. All handmade and stitched using traditional methods. It's always nice hand sewing canvas. It might be tough, but I feel...
  16. Hibrion

    Full-tang Mora

    It seems Mora will be launching their first full-tang knife at Shot Show in Los Vegas on january 19th. Dave Canterbury has revealed he has been testing the knife and has given his seal of approval. There are a few images hinting at what the knife will look like on social media. I don't...
  17. Hibrion

    What to wear in an open canoe in Canada

    As some of you may know i've recently signed up to a canoeing adventure down the Teslin and Yukon rivers in June of this year thanks to the generous offer by Fabian of Yukon bushcraft. I have a kit list, but would appreciate recommendations on clothing and footwear to wear while in the canoe...
  18. Hibrion

    A couple of sheaths

    Made a couple of sheaths this week so thought I'd share. The first one is for a Jeff White trade knife and is made from veg-tan with suede lining and fringes. Tooled in a western / mountain man style and given a slightly aged look. This can be carried on a belt, sash or 'baldric' style, like...
  19. Hibrion

    Singer needles

    Hi guys, I have a Singer 201k foot treadle machine from the 50s and would like to get some leather and canvas needles to give it a try. I hand sew everything at present, but it would be nice to be able to offer machine stitching to those who want it. Could anyone recommend an online...
  20. Hibrion

    Vintage rifle bandoliers

    I am selling these two rifle bandoliers and thought I'd put them up here incase any other members might be interested. Foist bandolier is a for A Swedish Mauser. It is in perfect condition, the finest example I've seen. It is marked with the triple crown and has a 1912 date stamp. For sale at...