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    Knife postage

    Hi, I’ve just run into a problem I didn’t know existed, although most of you probably knew about it. I’m trying to post my PXL Ivory Micarta back to Fallkniven, but I’ve been told by the post office I’m virtually a criminal for thinking of such a thing. So far I can’t find a courier who will...
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    Petromax Pressure Lamp SHADE in chrome

    As per title, I have two of these, brand new, never used - anyone interested?
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    Axe handle finishing advise

    Merry Christmas all! Ask me how I know my girlfriend is perfect - because she bought me a Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe for Christmas! A question for all you much more experienced bods than I. The handle is rougher than I expected, I'm tempted to give it a bit of a sand and oil/wax, but...
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    Bell Tents!!!!

    Hello all, I know this is not directly bushcrafty but I’m sure, as ever, there will be some good advice within the community. I’ve been fancying a Bell Tent for a long time and I hope soon to be in the position to do something about it having been unemployed for quite a while, but now with...
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    KENWOOD PMR446 TK-3301 Part wanted - arm being chanced!

    Hello all, This is a very long shot I know, but I'm trying to get a part that comes with all KENWOOD TK-3301 walkie talkies, but it seems virtually impossible to buy one. The bit I want is the accessory socket cover that clamps an accessory plug in place. If you have one you don't want, I...
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    Paduk Magnesium Firestarter

    Evening all, Apologies to Hemlock-, a member of based in the US (HEMLOCK79 on who I recently purchased a couple of items from, as I said I would post comments here, but life has been unexpectedly crazy for a few weeks. There are four firestarters in the...
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    Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier - BARGAIN!

    Hello, Just a bit of a heads up on what I think is a bargain - Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier for £18.58 with free delivery on Amazon. I have one and I'm starting to like it more than all the Leathermans I've ever had. Very different design approach but, IMO, nicer to use...
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    IPK 'instructions for use' help?

    Hello, Just a quick plea for help. I had a couple of IPKs delivered today, I'm not overly impressed, largely as they were described as new and unissued, which translates to 41 years old, perished and unopened. They are also lacking the set up instructions. Does any kind sole have a set they...
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    "Natural" water filtration.

    Interesting reading on a natural form of water filtration...
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    Bug out bag medication?

    Hello, a question for other poor people who rely on daily medication! I’m not a survivalist by any stretch of the imagination, but I’ve started to put together a “Bug Out Bag”, just as a fun exercise. The thing that poses me the biggest problem is, how do I cope with the need for my essential...
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    1L Flat Pack Canteen

    Hello, Anyone know where I can get one of these in the UK? Many thanks, Andy
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    Shortwave Radio Advice Please

    Hello, as per the title, I’d like some advice from anyone with more knowledge about shortwave radio reception than me, which is none really. I’m curious about it but don’t really know what there is to listen to, if it warrants the expense of buying the kit and recommendations of portable...
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    KWC TAURUS PT 92 AF Airsoft replica

    Hello! In my current “Redundant” state, I’m continuing to try to get you good people to pay for my Christmas! For sale, a KWC TAURUS PT 92 AF Airsoft replica in perfect full working condition with a bag of a couple of hundred plastic pellets. Lots of fun to plink with in...
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    VERY light weight aluminium Tea Kettle

    Hello! In my current “Redundant” state, I’m continuing to try to get you good people to pay for my Christmas! For sale, a VERY light weight aluminium Tea Kettle. Weighing in at 136g I doubt you could make one lighter, but it has no maker’s mark on it. It’s just a tea kettle with a...
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    Primus No 96 Version 6 from 1953 - PROJECT

    Hello! In my current “Redundant” state, I’m continuing to try to get you good people to pay for my Christmas! For sale, a project I picked up but never got around to! Based on these websites...
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    Lamp priming question

    Hello! Having just acquired my first Vapalux, what's the best method for getting meths onto the priming wick? Thanks for reading AJB
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    2 x BCB Crusader Cooking System

    Although I’ve had them 6 months or so, these are brand new and only opened for the first time to take these pictures. Three were delivered to me directly from BCB, in part payment for a little bit of work I did for them, so they’re absolutely genuine. I’ve kept one, the other two are up for...
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    Can anyone identify this

    Hi, Whilst sorting out my gear I found this... I've no idea what it is, I don't remember where it came from. It looks very Click Stand ish, but there doesn't seem to be the base plate, they don't seem to fit together in a sensible way I can work out. Any clues? I'm sure it will be...
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    Advice on Knife Restoration

    Hello, Today I acquired my Great Grandmother's carving knives... ...what should I do to them? Leave them alone with their existing patina, a bit of a clean and preserve them, or full shiny and sharp? Thanks for reading, opinions please! Andy
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    Trangia fuel adaptors and a Primus gas stove

    Hello, Sadly, redundancy, and the inability to find anything else, is forcing the sale of some of my kit. First to go are my much prized Trangia fuel adaptors and a Primus gas stove. I’ve taken advice on the site as how to price items and have been told to go for a maximum of 75% of the...