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    Anything Happening in Dorset

    There is a Facebook page call Dorset bushcraft club you could check out!
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    Condensed milk and cream

    No need to boil the cans of condensed milk anymore to make the caramel! You can just buy caramel condensed milk!
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    What did you buy today?

    I didn’t buy it today, but I did rediscover tucked away in a plastic box in the loft a new lowa alpine strike 40L with side pouches in olive green!
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    my interpretation of the M.O.D survival knife!

    All you need too do, is get cracking, and make a few more for the lads too buy! ;)
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    Heads up, Sawyer mini water filter.

    I'm waiting for mine to arrive hopefully in the next few days! As you said worth a punt, for the price, and even if you did get hammered for a little extra, you wouldn't have got it any cheaper in the uk! Thanks for the heads up! ;)
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    whats your job? is it outdoor work? does it fit around bushcraft?

    Mmm........ just thought i'd ask, as i drive a train as well, but i do work for SWT.
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    whats your job? is it outdoor work? does it fit around bushcraft?

    Train driver mmmmm! work for southwesttrains by any chance?
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    US modular sleep system

    Well i managed to get myself a us mms bag from strikeforcesuppiles, and althought i think its a great bit of kit, i had to send it back! Have to say i was sorry to let it go, as i would have loved to have kept it! For me, i found it to be just a tad on the small size length wise! The bivi bag...
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    US modular sleep system

    Thanks for the info guys! Anyway i've gone and placed my order now , so all i can do is hope it fits ok! If not i'll just have to send it back and suck up the fact i've wasted money in postage! Onec again thanks for your help
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    US modular sleep system

    Hi guys, i was wondering if any of the members who own a US modular sleep system bag could tell me the size of the 3 bags in inches? Does this sleep system coming in various sizes, or is it a standard size for all? I've been thinking of getting myself one, but everytime i see one on ebay it...