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  1. Snarf

    Spare a thought.

    Hi folks, It's with a heavy heart that I must inform you, that as of this morning andy2112 passed away. As some of you may know, he had acute renal failure which has led to further complications. Please spare a thought for his family and those who knew him on here either through topics and/or...
  2. Snarf

    Wanted: wetsuits

    Hi folks, was wondering if anyone had any old wetsuits lying/hanging around that I could have to purchase. I'm not look ing for anything specific I.e size/style/make. I'm after it so I can cannibalise it for some projects. ATB Snarf Sent from my iPhone4 using Tapatalk
  3. Snarf

    My first knife handle project!

    Herro folks, Thought I'd show you the progress of my first knife handle project. I'm using a Russell: green river works blade blank supplied by scruff. With mysterious wood scales, supplied by scruff. Blue liners, 3.97mm brass rod and Mammoths special glue supplied by Mammoth. As you can...
  4. Snarf

    Do you know this camera?

    Hello folks, I hope this is the right place for this, if not, MODS, can you please move if needs be. Well let's start... I was tiding my nan's shed on Sunday and I came across this camera. Now I've had a look on T'internet n can't find much about it. It has no model number, no serial...
  5. Snarf

    My Leather Work. (PIC HEAVY)

    Hey Folks, Just thought i would show you all some of my leather work, i've been doing it for a few month's and have been busy ;). Swedish army felling axe sheath Front Back Coin purse Front with coins. Laplander Sheath with dangler. Front Side My Possibles Pouch Front belt...
  6. Snarf

    Wanted!! Empty 35mm film canisters

    Does anyone have any empty 35mm film canisters floating around that They would like to donate to me? If you do or know of anywhere I can get me hands on some, please PM me. Cheers Snarf
  7. Snarf

    Wanted: leathercraft books

    Hi folks, Looking to get in to Leathercraft and was recommended these; The Art Of Making Leather Cases, Vol. 1 by Al. Stohlman The Art Of Hand Sewing Leather Book by Al. Stohlman Does any one have these? and if so are you willing to give it a new home? Snarf
  8. Snarf


    Hi folks, My Names Snarf, AKA Lee, AKA Ginger NInja, AKA Clyde, or as me mom calls me Yeti monster. I love the outdoors, it's piecefull quiet & at night some of us can play pinball between the trees. Theres not a lot else i can say at the mo, i camp 4/5 times a year, own a...