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  1. geforce83

    Where to go?

    Hi guys bit of a newbie here looking for advice. I love been in the outdoor and do a lot of walking as I have the Derbyshire peaks on my door step. What I'm trying to find out is where can I go to practice my new found love of bushcraft such as shelter building fire lighting camp cookery etc. I...
  2. geforce83

    anonyed with gransfors

    hi guys bit of a rant here so i'll appologise 1st. I purchased a granfors small forrest axe last year at the bushcraft show, i have had problems with this axe not holding a edge and thought it must be me untill i compaired it to a new axe on the gransfors stand at this years bushcraft show...
  3. geforce83

    slingshot workshop

    hi guys im new to the moot but just wondering how many ppl would be interested in a slingshot range/workshop if i was to bring my setup. would ppl be willing to part with a few pounds to cover costs of ammo, targets and slingshot bands etc. Any feed back suggestions welcome thanks
  4. geforce83

    difficulty carving

    hi guys neewbie here in need of some help/advice. i have recently started carving spoons and letter openers with some sucess, however i have just tried to make a bowl using poplar and even though i considered my axe(small forest axe) to be fairly sharp it only seems to chip off small chippings...
  5. geforce83

    new member interested in the bushmoot

    hi guys, im interested in coming to the bushmoot if theres any tickets left, although i cant seem to find any info on the location could someone let me know how i would get involved and its location. thanks rich
  6. geforce83

    hi newbie from yorkshire

    hey guys im rich a new member from Sheffield just saying hi.