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  1. Snarf

    North Wood 28-30 June 2013

    Thanks folks, been a horrible 18mnths and I need to get sorted.
  2. Snarf

    North Wood 28-30 June 2013

    Cheers chad, need to get back out in to the woods
  3. Snarf

    North Wood 28-30 June 2013

    Mind if I tag along?
  4. Snarf

    North wood 27-29 april bluebell meet

    please list your interest below only if you agree to the terms in post 1 and include this line in the paste 1. woodspirits 2. PREPER 3. Priam + Sam (TBC) 4. Sasquatch + Joseph(tbc) 5. Twodogs 6. Andy T (tbc) 7. NLW 8. MartinK9 9. Cliv 10. Karl82 11. Solaris0121 (TBC) 12, luckylee. i'm...
  5. Snarf

    Spare a thought.

    Gent's and Lady's, Thank you for your kind words Andy would be happy to know that you fine people thought so much of him. I have the details of the funeral if any of you would like to attend. The funeral takes place here at 11:30 on Friday 23Rd March. There is a wake which will be here after...
  6. Snarf

    Spare a thought.

    Hi folks, It's with a heavy heart that I must inform you, that as of this morning andy2112 passed away. As some of you may know, he had acute renal failure which has led to further complications. Please spare a thought for his family and those who knew him on here either through topics and/or...
  7. Snarf

    Blacks and Millets deals

    Not surprised when they dropped 12% on the stock market.
  8. Snarf

    Blacks and Millets deals

    Its the same company, as far as I know (used to work for them so still have mates on the inside) they are selling off more of the smaller stores.
  9. Snarf

    Hello matey! Congrats on the nipper!

    Hello matey! Congrats on the nipper!
  10. Snarf

    north wood January 27-29 karls birthday bash with pics

    Cracking pics Steve! Sent from my iPhone4 using Tapatalk
  11. Snarf

    Karls impromptu birthday bash 2012- PIC HEAVY

    Had a great time! Thanks for the invite Karl! Sent from my iPhone4 using Tapatalk
  12. Snarf

    Planes , Trains and Automobiles. A Scandinavian road trip

    Never thought about a spoiler!!!! jumping G wilikers! what a good idea BATMAN!! Now you mention it, you could do with an upgraded gearbox, better suspension and maybe fit a perdy differtial on the rear but hey thats just my thoughts. I do like this thou
  13. Snarf

    Better late than never!

    Hello and welcome!
  14. Snarf

    Hello to all

    Hi Ian, Welcome to the club, there's plenty of stuff you can sink your teeth into here. Have fun and play safe Snarf
  15. Snarf

    Planes , Trains and Automobiles. A Scandinavian road trip

    Nice one Cliff! would love to take a ride in that! Not sure on the colour thou, i think it would look brill in candyapple red with a pearlescent finish and go faster stripes! with 20 inch rims with spinners but thats my view lol
  16. Snarf

    Big Croc Fears

    Cor Blimy! Steve Irwin would have been proud of that one!
  17. Snarf

    Wanted: wetsuits

    Hi Pignut, I'm not a kit junkie so don't have lots of spare stuff. Not much to offer other than some cold hard cash or I can offer you some leather if that's gonna interest you? ATB Snarf
  18. Snarf

    Snugpak underblanket

    You have a pm! Sent from my iPhone4 using Tapatalk
  19. Snarf

    Wanted: wetsuits

    Neil, i work for the local newspaper so i know no one is going to see it lol
  20. Snarf

    Wanted: wetsuits

    Thanks for the heads up. I'm going to glue it on to some leather, to stop it from being abrasive on the skin. my leather glue will be fine to use on it.