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  1. warthog1981

    My axe collection

    In a recent post about someone looking for a Wetterlings Hudson Bay axe. I commented saying that I had quite a few Gränsfors Bruks axes over the years and sold most of them off again. I was asked which ones that I had decided to keep so thought it was a good opportunity to round up my axes and...
  2. warthog1981

    Little axe project

    Here’s a few pictures of a little axe project that I’ve done recently :0) Cheers Russ Started life like this ..........
  3. warthog1981

    Sold Has anyone got a casstrom-no10-sfk-micarta-scandi-grind-14c28n

    Wanted has anyone got a casstrom-no10-sfk-micarta-scandi-grind-14c28n that there looking to move on ? Before I buy a new one ? Cheers Russ
  4. warthog1981

    Wanted Flexcut ,TBS Boar

    Hi it’s a long shot but I’m looking for a couple of bits so thought I’d ask here first. I’m looking for a Flexcut Carvin Jack right handed if anyone’s got one looking for a new home ? Also I’m after a TBS Boar Folding Pocket Knife with Micarta scales Cheer Russ
  5. warthog1981

    Day Out It’s been far far to long

    Confession time Its been an awfully long time since I’ve taken the dog and some bushcraft toys for a walk. Life’s got a way of getting busy and things get in the way but I managed to get out for a wee 6 mile walk and stopped in the middle to sit down and enjoy the woods and brew up.
  6. warthog1981

    Trapping Supplies Clear out

    Hi Im looking to thin down a lot of my trapping supplies. Im not sure what I'm looking to trade for but thought it might be interesting to post them up for swaps instead of just selling them. 30 single tealer snares all in good nick some used but new aged wires on them. 18 figure four tealer...
  7. warthog1981

    Withdrawn Solo stove

    Hi I'm looking for a Solo Stove and was wondering if anyone had abused one that they would like to move on before I buy a new one ? Cheers Russ
  8. warthog1981

    Bike trailers post up pictures of yours

    Hi I've not long finished making myself a new bike trailer so thought id post up some pictures of it for you all to see :) The wooden stand is just for holding it up to work on it I've still got a few mods to make to it :o Works well so far I've shifted about 600kg of soil and turf...
  9. warthog1981

    Clearout time again

    Cougar stainless steel sling shot with doulbe therband elastic on it should still be some life left in the Elastic comes with 200 12mm lead balls £30 posted Stainless Steel swedish army trangia set hardley used but some marks from storage and Ive notice some small dents in the bottom of the...
  10. warthog1981

    What Laptop ?

    Hi I'm looking for a bit of advice I'm looking to replace my coal fired PC with a laptop. I don't have a massive budget it will only be for uploading pictures off my camera so I can put up more photos and blog trips. So what would you recommend ? Thanks Russ
  11. warthog1981

    Mixed sharps

    Condor village parang as new apart from tiny dent in handle photo included edge has been pollished and oiled £50 sold pending funds Ontario RTAK well used swedge at front has been blunted off to allow for batoning handle has been thinned down as original handle was hudge included with...
  12. warthog1981

    Axe bundle 4

    Senator hatchet slightly heavier than an estwing axe used but looked after with heavy duty leather sheath used mora knife with kydex sheath good condition the rubber spacers are a bit perished but an easy to replace with a drawer used rough rider stockman knife £35 Now Sold
  13. warthog1981

    Axe bundle 3

    Estwing hatchet that had been used and abused before I got it shows some pitting on the sides but doesn't go that deep. I cleaned it up gun blued it and sharpened and polished the edge and made a heavy duty leather axe mask. Think it's got a bit of character to it now mora clipper used but...
  14. warthog1981

    Axe bundle 2

    Vintage wetterlings hatchet with heavy duty leather mask used small pukko very good condition couple of small nicks in the top of the sheath but only on the inside George Wostenholm Sheffield made pocket knife stainless steel blades used as its been in the drawer for a while still good...
  15. warthog1981

    Axe bundle 1

    Husqerva hatchet axe heads been cleaned up edge sharpened includes heavy duty leather axe mask. Handles been oiled. Axe is now better than new New wooden handle mora knife and rough rider pocket knife I'll say used but it's only been in a drawer and shows a few wee signs of that. £40
  16. warthog1981

    Water bottle job lot

    Tatonka stainless steel water bottle 1000ml well used but no dents that I can see Osprey water bottle and plastic mug used new old Bcb crusader cup was bought as a spare and I'll through in one of my aluminium crusader cup lids £20
  17. warthog1981

    Massive kit clear out Fife

    Hi Mods Feel free to deleate this if it's not allowed I'm trying to thin down all my bush crafting and camping kit everything from books to axes camp knifes cookware rucksacks to name but a few books on forgotten crafts woodworking. Im not sure where to start listing things to be honest if...
  18. warthog1981

    Forge advice

    Hi I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place but I'm looking for a little help I'm looking to sell off my forging kit and was looking for advice of how much it might be worth ? Ive also got some bits lof leaf spring and a couple more hammers Thanks in advance...
  19. warthog1981

    Montane Smock XX-Large

    Another smock that's not getting used to time to move it on good condition not holes or tears it's been in a wardrobe at mum and dads for a few years how does £60 sound ??? cheers Russ
  20. warthog1981

    Riddling Monsoon Smock xl

    This has been sitting in my wardrobe at my mum and dads for ages so time to move it on think I've only wore it half adozen times So no real wear on it might be a few small marks on it here and there how does £80 sound ??? might have a few free cat hairs on it :rolleyes: