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  1. Whetstone

    Sold Ray Mears Leather Bahco Sheath

    Ray Mears Leather Bahco Laplander Saw Sheath never used, never even had a saw in it. So it's very annoying that it has a tiny scratch, although it should be on a belt getting a nice patina anyway. £50 from Woodlore so how about £42 + p&p?
  2. Whetstone

    For Sale Fallkniven PXL , Rob Evans Bushtool

    Fallkniven PXL Ivory Micarta 3G - Carried in my pocket for one afternoon and been stored for about 4 years. I barely use folders and never got on with liner locks. some micro scuffing to the bolster and micarta that I've tried to highlight in the photos. Silky smooth action and very solid...
  3. Whetstone

    Any Landy/Disco owners ever been vandalised?

    So I go down to the car today and its keyed from intake to rear lights on the nearside. Deep aswell, someone was going for it, they also got someones ol' bmw estate and possibley an 07 rangey sport, what the? Surely an 06 disco is not worthy of jelousy? It smells like dog inside and I dont even...
  4. Whetstone

    Fjallraven Brenner, trousers or over trousers

    Hoping one of the fjallraven experts will know this one, got a pair of these hydratic trousers a while ago but they seem to be bigger in the waist than the same sized barents? Not sure if they are meant to be an over trouser? Seems a bit overkill but I can't reason why else.
  5. Whetstone

    About time for introductions

    Been a lurker for a long time, more of reader than a poster and thought I'd finally introduce myself. Been bushcrafting since Uncle Ray got my hooked on one of his courses a few years back, since then I've done loads of the courses. I really like just getting out there and there's always...
  6. Whetstone

    Looking for a small basha. Opinions?

    Hey guys long time lurker finally posting something the search couldnt help with! Basically looking for a smallish basha (id love an aussie hootchie but i'l be using it before the month is done so I cant really import and I dont fancy the £90 for a woodlore job :rolleyes: ) I was...