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  1. Machiavelli

    Sold Reduced...... Tanfoglio Gold Custom

    If you would be prepared to cover postage (or perhaps meet me in the middle on the more expensive shipping option) I would take it. Let me know what you think.
  2. Machiavelli

    Sold Fjallraven Poncho and assorted hats

    Can I take the balaclava cap please?
  3. Machiavelli

    For Sale Weihrauch HW95 Air Rifle

    I forgot about this. Bump. I’ll try and get some better pictures up tomorrow. :-)
  4. Machiavelli

    Sold Fjallraven Anorak no.10 for sale or trade for fallkniven X series/pro

    This has to be one of my favourite smocks. This is also a crazy good price.
  5. Machiavelli

    View Changing/Enlightening Book

    I spent many years chasing money, starting out working in investment banking, then working my way up in the world of management. It took a decade and a significant chunk of personal debt from trying to live the ‘life of my dreams’ to realise that the career trap was making me unhappy, living my...
  6. Machiavelli

    Paul Kirtley Plant & Tree ID Masterclass

    £397 if you pay in one go.
  7. Machiavelli

    Luggage ID, Key Ring Fob

    Fabulous work, though it does remind me of my Christmas lights when I took them out of the box. I’m having flashbacks.
  8. Machiavelli

    Book suggestions

    I started out using Mushrooming Without Fear by Alexander Schwab (it has a terrible cover, but don’t let that put you off) which is a really simple, helpful guide. The original book didn’t cover mushrooms with gills, but he updated the guide and published Mushrooming With Confidence which I have...
  9. Machiavelli

    Dead of Winter

    Dead of winter or dead of night usually refers to the middle (when it’s often the coldest or darkest), but as far as I’m aware doesn’t have any specific context.
  10. Machiavelli

    For Sale Weihrauch HW95 Air Rifle

    No. Apologies. I had copied part of another sales thread, so have removed the word ‘firearm’.
  11. Machiavelli

    For Sale Weihrauch HW95 Air Rifle

    For sale: my used, but not abused, Weihrauch HW95, including a nikko stirling gold crown 2-7x32 air king scope. This rifle is a fabulous .177 springer, that I have used for small game for several years. As you can see from the pictures it has the odd scuff and there is some minor pitting to...
  12. Machiavelli

    The Ultimate "What is this Fungi?" thread.

    How about this boletus?
  13. Machiavelli

    For Sale Ultra Light Camping Equipment

    Yes, it’s still available.
  14. Machiavelli

    For Sale Ultra Light Camping Equipment

    I forgot all about these, so a cheeky bump with some money off. (I will post pictures soon).
  15. Machiavelli

    The old Britishblades forum

    Many years ago I spent a lovely day with Mik (Pennillion) as he patiently taught me to re-handle a knife. Fantastic and kind chap. I’m pleased to hear he’s back.
  16. Machiavelli

    What beekeeping related activities did you do recently?

    There is a nice honey flow on at the moment.
  17. Machiavelli

    Sold Yugo/serb haversack

    Yes please.
  18. Machiavelli

    What beekeeping related activities did you do recently?

    Another very quick point about running single brood boxes is the importance of equalising hives. In Spring I'm constantly taking full frames of brood out of really busy colonies, adding them to weaker colonies or nucleus colonies. This stops bigger colonies becoming congested, helps limit...
  19. Machiavelli

    What beekeeping related activities did you do recently?

    This is a good point. DEFRA have a taskforce which is aiming to keep the Asian Hornet from taking hold in the UK, but as always this can only really be achieved if everyone plays their part. All beekeepers (both hobbyists and commercial) should be monitoring for Asian Hornet activity, so we make...