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    Sold Keela Munro Heritage Jacket large

    As per title, this is the all green version of the jacket as used by mountain rescue teams due to its durability etc. I wore it for a total of 30 mins in the woods but I really need a medium due to recent weight loss. The internal waist skirt is included and it’s in pretty much as new...
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    Sold Ben Orford small spoon knife *LEFT HANDED*

    as per title, I bought this in error thinking I needed one for each hand! As such it is unused and as new, although I’ve lost the strip of leather the blade came wrapped in. £30 to your door including PayPal fees
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    Open canoe for a family of 4

    Hi all. Apologies if this has been done before so please feel free to point me elsewhere! im a newbie to the world of open canoes and don't know the makes, styles, terminology etc. although I'm an ex- white water kayaker and currently use a big SOT in the sea. It used to be ok to sit one of...
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    'You must wait 60 seconds between messages'

    Hi Folks, Just a little error report I've encountered. I'm trying to email a member through their profile, which i have accessed through their 'name' hyperlink at the head of a PM. I am able to populate the subject and body of the email template OK, but upon clicking send I just receive...
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    Keep getting logged out

    here's the problem- the 'Welcome, underground' thing is present on the page, since I logged in and chose the 'remember me' option. However, after a while, my user details at the top of the forums screen reverts back to the 'If this is your first ever post...' thing, and I have to log in again.
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    One for the cyclists...

    For all you cyclists out there who are in need of some carrying capacity on your bike based trips, I have a *new* set of panniers sat in the corner of the lounge that you can have, for nowt, provided that you can, and will, really make good use of them. They are two panniers joined by a...
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    Walking Sticks

    I was just wondering if there are any stick makers among us? I rather fancy a thumbstick to accompany me on my journeys and would appreciate any tips on making one....
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    E9 woolen hat / cap

    Gone..... This is not strictly a 'bushcraft' hat but it would definitely suit someone in that way... rappers and skaters may also be interested :D [/IMG] I have quite a small head though so it sits on my eyebrows which irritates the heck out of me - obviously SWMBO has a smaller head...
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    Acme Silent Dog Whistle

    of which I have one like this: for swap if anyone wants it and has something to swap.... no idea what I need really but some knife materials may be nice :) edit: going on BB also
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    One for the Climbers - Free Nut Key

    I have had this 'Camp' Nut Key hanging around for a while now, bought for a friend who didn't really live up to the term 'friend'! So, if you're a climber and don't have a nut key already, PM your address in order to receive one! :p
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    GB Axe File / Stone and alternatives

    Evening all and a Happy Christmas! I've been a tad busy since the spring so you probably won't remeber me! I have a numpty question, following a numpty incident with my SFA..... I dinged it on a concrete path trying to chop wood on holiday with nothing to rest on and only my bare hands to...
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    British Army Machete

    This is the one with an 'arrow' stamped on it and a riveted full tang handle. It comes with an OG bayonet from, and has never been used, no marks or scratches, indeed as it came with a dull edge (presumably for safety) it has never had an edge put on it. £15 inc. postage
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    Karrimor Sabre 45 + PLCE Pockets

    NOW SOLD I got this from the Full Members offer and it is still Brand New, the problem is the rucksack is just not the right size for me, so I've never had chance to use it. The original offer price was £40 inc. postage and pockets, so I'll let this one go for £25 plus postage EDIT: to...
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    Book by Charles A Eastman

    'From the deep woods to civilizastion' Unfortunately we have a backlog in our house and have decided we'll have to let this one go, so I can't say how good it is, however it does look interesting. If anyone thinks they'd appreciate it then PM with A: an interesting swap of some kind...
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    Leatherman Wave (original)

    I have one of the above, and unfortunately I just don't use it - it's so much nicer than my Gerber tool that I don't fancy wrecking it at work, so it stays on the shelf above the PC. It's in perfect nick, I've used it once or twice on plug screws in the house, and otherwise it's as new. It...
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    German Parka For Sale

    As well as my M65 jacket HERE , I'm also selling my German army parka. This one is in excellent condition, although the arm badges have been removed. It's size 180/190 according to the label, and has the fibre pile liner inside. If interested please PM me- £20 plus postage :)
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    Austrian M65 Jacket for sale

    I'm selling my Austrian M65 jacket (plus German parka) in order to free some space on the coat pegs and justify further 'must have' gear purchases to my 'boss' :lmao: It's in very good condition, with an Austrian embroidered badge on the arm- for some reason this has been coloured in black...
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    SIP Chainsaw trousers 32/34" - For Sale

    Well, as I no longer get the chance to work part time as an arborist, I have resigned myself to the fact that, for now at least, I may as well let my trousers go to someone who can put them to better use as it's a shame to have them just lying around. :( They are as follows: SIP Protection...
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    How many of us does it take to change a light bulb?

    How many distinguished forum posters does it takes to change a light bulb? 1 to change the light bulb and to post that the light bulb has been changed 14 to share similar experiences of changing light bulbs and how the light bulb could have been changed differently 7 to caution about the...
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    Saddle stitching leather

    Well, I kind of managed to sew a sheath with the excellent leather given to me by Longstrider. Unfortunately it isn't the neatest as I found the stitching very difficult. The problem was as I used a thick piece of leather, it was very hard to hold the 2 sides together properly and make a...