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    Best Headtorch?

    I'm after an all-rounder headtorch mainly for a 24hr walk in December. It'll be possibly be used continuously for 10 hours to see the terrain in front of us - so low power, floody, lightweight (or battery pack not worn on the head). It also needs a bit of throw to help pick out features for...
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    Old fashioned rucksack?

    I'm after a daypack to take on holiday, but I'm struggling to find anything suitable. Ideally, I'd love:- Shape of something like the Highlander Forces 25 or 33l - ie big central compartment (for waterproofs, and food), large top pocket (for snacks and other junk), and two decent side...
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    Stuff to carry on the Tube in London

    I'm moving out of London in a month or so, and I know that some proper first aid training is top of the list, but there is no time. For the next month, does anyone have any suggestions for any items that it might be worth carrying when I'm travelling through London "just in case"? I appreciate...
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    Sleeping bag - small light and cheap - doesn't need to be warm!

    I need a sleeping bag as it's on a stipulated kit list for an upcoming hike. The best option I've got so far is this: QUECHUA 15° LIGHT HIKING SLEEPING BAG - 1-2 SEASON, 700g in size L - £30 Is there anything out there smaller for the same or less money?
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    Food! robust bite-size savory hiking food ideas

    I'm taking part in a 50 mile overnight orienteering exercise. I've done it a few times before and it's quite tough. One year we took barely any food and it was miserable. Last time we took far too much, which was prefeable but we took the wrong sort of stuff - large pasties, loads of haribo etc...
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    Recommend a hiking anorak with big pouch side and chest pockets

    Hi there. I'm after a tough, down-to-the-thigh, waterproof hiking anorak, with big pockets that isn't camouflage. Can anyone suggest such a thing?
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    Any ideas? After a tough rucksack in a bright colour

    Has anyone got any recommendations for a classic shape rucksack (main bag, lid pocket, two side pockets and preferably a zipped access to the bottom of the main sack). I'm after something tough rather than light, with a good back system. I like the Highlander 55l. It's a bit big, and the...
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    Sealskinz socks - on top or underneath Protrek trekking socks?

    I've posted before about this godawful walk I'm doing soon. I anticipate getting wet feet and several blisters. I've ordered a pair of sealskinz and a pair of protrek trekking socks that have protection at the heels, the toes and where I sometimes get rubbing underneath the lacing on my...
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    Refurbing my suede and goretex Scarpa boots

    So I have these boots about 10 years old - suede and goretex, and made by Scarpa. They're not showing much signs of wear but I was wondering how best to get them as waterproof (whilst still breathable) as possible. Thanks for any tips.
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    Best way to draw out a route on an OS map?

    As per the title really. Taking part in a psuedo-orienteering walk called Tour De Trigs. They give you a set of grid references and you have to walk from A to B to C. It's 50 miles mostly in darkness. I was wondering if anyone has any good ideas about how to mark out the route clearly and...
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    Decent sub-£50 35-45 litre pack for use as flight carry on luggage

    Trying to decide on a good pack to take on holiday to make the most of my carry-on luggage allowance. Dimensions allowed: 56cmx45cmx25cm This seems to equate (judging by the out-of-my-price-range bags made exactly to fit) to approx 40l So I'm after a sub-£50 35-45 litre pack with tough...
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    What 3/4 man tent?

    Looking for a tent for summer camping. Would like it to be a palace that weighs nothing and can be bought for peanuts but wishing aside I've been looking at: Decathlon's Quechua T4+ • L240 x W220 x H130 and a 140cm vestibule. • Weight: 5.6kg And Coleman's Crestline 4 Tent...
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    Decent destination for Bushcrafting

    Hi there, Me and some friends want to get out and do a bit of camping and I was wondering if people could recommend some places to go... I'd like to go somewhere where we can possibly camp at designated sites or where we can pitch anywhere, but where fires are ok. I had been thinking...
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    best way to re-waterproof a poncho

    I've got one of these ponchos. It's pretty new but it already seems less repellent than when I bought it - new, water beaded all over it. Now it definitely absorbs some moisture. As it's a poncho I'm not worried about breathability. Anyone got any ideas? Also anyone got recommendations...
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    Danish Civil Defence Field Jacket

    Posted this mini-preliminary review on British Blades, and then thought people here might want to read it too... I just received one of these from Surplus and Adventure and thought I'd say how pleased I was with it. I bought it on a whim as part of a larger order, intending to live in it on...
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    Army/RAF pullovers in black or grey?

    Hi there, Does anyone know where you can get the army pullovers in any colour other than OG or blue? This sort of thing: These are tough hardwearing and warm, but the colours are a bit off-putting.
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    Highlander Forces 44L

    Quick question for anybody who has this bag - does it have an adjustable back system? I have not been able to find any pictures of the back system. Cheers for any help...
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    Homemade stoves

    I'm thinking of making one, and I found that a lot of links are dead. Here's what I found. I'll try to update it as I find more, and put it in a more sensible order. Any additions or comments gratefully received. HOW TOs J Falk's Wood burning Stove Cat Food Tin Stoves Fuel: Alcohol...
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    Highlander Loader Holdall - any good?

    Hi there, new here. Been posting on BritishBlades for a few months. I was wondering whether anyone can tell me about the Highlander Loader holdall. I asked on BB and had mixed reviews of Highlander products which I see are echoed here. Does anyone actually own one of these...