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    Wanted-sort of groundsleepers quilt

    Hi last month I went on cub camp I drove there and a wanted bit more luxury so I bought one of these to tell the truth an attack of claustrophobia in my old mummy style bag was...
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    Scout Thank-you chant

    We have had a leader from a different Group help (as in do most of the work) re-establish our Beaver section, now me and the other leaders are half trained she is leaving. I seem to half remember a Scout Thank-you chant/shout. Anybody got any ideas our GSL didn't know so it may just have...
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    Recomend a small Monocular

    I have lost (let my 7 year old play with) my Monocular and am having problems finding a good replacement. I want a small (fits in my fist) good quality monocular about 8x. I've bought the Baraska?? one from Heinnies but it's large and has shocking edge distortions. Price up to maybe £50...