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    The End of Internet Knife Sales. Law change could target one-hand opening folders

    I recently listened to a lecture at New Scientist live by by Prof. Manuel Eisner,, he has analysed the reduction in murder since the 1300s around the world particularly male-on -male murder. From memory Four factors drive a reduction. Effective Police action, thinking you will be caught...
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    The End of Internet Knife Sales. Law change could target one-hand opening folders

    Aren't all explosive rounds Section 5? Lets see If the landed Gentry root through their gunrooms for any old .500 Nitro Express Holland and Hollands.
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    Bunkers - your very own...

    In the early 90's i went to an illegal Rave in London Borough of Lambeths bunker. From what I remember it was accessed from a hut on a piece of grass opposite the town hall.
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    20 year old car? Not interested then why a campervan?

    Buying a Grey or Parallel import makes you the Anti-Christ in a main Dealers eyes, you have stepped out of the Official Importer/Main Dealer chain and are an Outlaw unworthy of contempt. They have spent their entire working lives trying to force the country that the only way to buy a vehicle is...
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    Bargain!!! Wetterlings Small Axe

    Maybe If Ray Mears had used a Wetterlings it might have been GB who were taken over and closed
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    Bargain!!! Wetterlings Small Axe

    I've just bought a Wetterlings 104 Compact, it took a bit of finding and I had a few conversations with retailers. A couple said that the prices of Axes were going up now Wetterlings had gone and the Hultafors Mini was going to be over £70 (you can find it for £50 at the moment) and the GB...
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    Question regarding knife carry

    Morrisons are mainly in the Danelaw so probably Vikings..........Saxons like Aldi, must be a Germanic thing Normans tend to shop in Waitrose, Jutes like Lidl hence why there are so many in Kent especially in the Medway towns.
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    Best / Favourite UK Legal Pocket Knife..

    I have a U2 which is now aparently 101quid! And it's not very good either
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    Most unusual thing you've done with your own Swiss army knife?

    More dentistry I'm afraid, a wobbly milk tooth taken out, half way around a Crazy Golf Course in Greece. Pliers on a Swiss Champ and it came out with a little pop!
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    Where can I get a really rubbish knife?

    You shoulden't have shown me KM250 I'm getting strange memories of teenage longings, similar to those I get when I see photos of Glynis Barber or Peri the Dr Who companion............
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    Any bikers here???

    Guess I shoulden't mention my Green laner Honda CRM250 then
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    Wanted-sort of groundsleepers quilt

    Hi last month I went on cub camp I drove there and a wanted bit more luxury so I bought one of these to tell the truth an attack of claustrophobia in my old mummy style bag was...
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    Survival Bracelet

    Thats Brilliant...... how about adding a Spyderco bug
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    grub to leave in a pack

    What are these like? I was planning to get a few packs to feed to Beaver Scouts on camp, as a different mid morning snack. Will I just get them trying to spit them out into my hand...
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    What have i let myself in for?

    I've done about 2 years now as a BSL in a newly reformed Colony. Just remember. Don't let them get too excited or tired it will end in tears but keep them interested and active or it will end in tears...........easy really. It's difficult to get Glitter out of car seats.
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    bug out bag......what to put in it?

    I live too near Central London to bug out (Croydonites would already have blocked all the roads) and with a wife, 2 kids, and a father-in-law and Brother-in-law to look after its impratical, so Bugging in is the answer. The scenarios where this might be needed are not unlikely in a major city...
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    Activities Scouts are not allowed to do

    My Beavers had their annual conker competition last week, if you check the HSE website the conker thing is listed under HSE myths.
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    Should I take the Plunge?

    I was very concious that me being the Beaver Leader affected my sons enjoyment, we had a rule that as soon as our scarfs went on it wasn't father and son any more. The only difficulty was if he misbehaved not at the time, just in the car on the way home it was hard not bringing it up. Was...
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    Victorinox vs Wenger - who makes the best SAK?

    My Vic Swiss Champ is the perfect take on holiday so you have one of everything tool and has been used for hundreds of jobs including removing a wobbley milk tooth whilst halfway around a crazy golf course. Shame the large blade is right to one side so isn't as nice to use as an actual knife as...