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    Picked up one of these, price including post was £52, although it may be different by now. 17 jewels, hand wind, screw down crown. Quite big once on the wrist. and You'll find them on the Meranom website. Service is good, at the time delivery was less than two weeks, but that also may change...
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    Campaign beds.

    If I had the luxury of a horse and cart, I think these would offer a decent nights sleep. Not cheap though.
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    Frozen pipes.

    After a few comments made in other posts regarding frozen pipes, here's something I've used to good effect in previous homes during severe weather. Electric soil heater cable taped along vulnerable water pipes, the one pictured is 20 Meters and the power consumption is low, so in power cuts, a...
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    Worrying news article.

    Saw this in today's news.
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    What would you keep in yours ?

    Saw this in today's news, In all honesty I would be more interested in getting small items of (sentimental) value out with me before any of the stuff mentioned.
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    Adventure Style.

    Well according to my wife, and the stuff she reads, adventure style is being pushed for this year's Autumn/winter season. So expect to see "Teddy Roosevelt" in your local wine bar. Hopefully when the fad dies out, charity shops and eBay will have some good gear for " re-purposing "
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    Itchy feet.

    I've been getting the urge to travel again (on two wheels) So after talking to my mate, he posted a link to this, and I've worked my way through all the episodes, and what a beautiful place eastern Europe is. In the past (when it was reasonably safe) I went South towards North Africa, but...
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    Rights of way.

    Interesting article in today's Guardian.
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    Different "branches" of bushcraft.

    I've lived in areas (pre satellite) where television reception was not possible. When available the first program that interested me greatly was "Bush Tucker Man" as I found Les Hiddins genuine and interesting. I suppose Jack Hargreaves on "How" was an influence as well, as both men gave an...
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    Positive mental health, nature and bushcraft.

    This is something I have been involved in as an on going project for a number of years. Apart from the times allocated for a weekly get together, I leave everything loose, sometimes we just have an upbeat chat, a walk, or a continuation of current projects, the main thing is strictly no...
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    Everyday carry.

    Remember the old village Bobby ? A whistle, set of cuffs, notebook and pencil, and a truncheon. Now police on the beat, and traffic wardens are lumbered with an ever increasing burden of "edc". Where did this start ? I'm two miles from home, and apart from my clothes, I have a watch and my...
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    Trip Report Highland Perthshire.

    Managed to get away for a few days in this stunning weather. Took too much gear with me, But I did have the luxury of a three person tent plus tarp awning. Did not encounter a single biting insect, and came back tick free. Forgot my knife, and daren't light a fire, everything was tinder dry...
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    Folding knife suggestions ?

    As a result of all the current knife furore I decided to only take a legal carry knife with me. Twice, and it's my own fault, I've narrowly avoided slashing the back of my fingers as a result of the blade closing on me whilst in use, so what are my options, extended tang ? I'm open to all...
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    Oh dear, midges.

    Anyone else planning a highland trip ? This was in yesterday's news, and made me realise that so far this year I've got off lightly, as I've not yet had to use any "deterrent".
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    I recently spent a bit of time tramping around Cumbria, an area I'm not at all familiar with, and a short journey into Northumberland, where I have spent a bit of time. Thoroughly enjoyed it, the weather was good, and I was literally taken aback by how friendly everyone was I/we met along the...
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    Shop display.

    Well I was out and about, and I thought this was good.
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    Aldi offers 27th june.

    Best check first, but I'm off to have a look tomorrow, The tripod is £30, and the pots £20.
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    Lightweight tent.

    Help please. Someone posted a link/picture, of a side entry lightweight "tunnel" type tent, which I thought I had saved. Any suggestions? I've been away up the West coast (Scotland) and the midgies were just too much for tarp camping. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Bushcraft by bus.

    The whole Bushcraft "thing" for me is about zero, or as near to it as possible, stress. So, armed with this, I plotted and organised a trip for myself. Some of the remote areas in the North of Scotland, since the demise of the Post Bus, have no service, and some, a one day...