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  1. bigroomboy

    Ray Mears Tickets, Birmingham, 29 Oct

    Hello Guys, Unfortunately due to a new job I am unable to make the evening with Ray Mears which I was really looking forward too. They are for Tuesday 29 Oct starting at 19.30. Front stalls Row CC Seats 19&20. I am happy to sell them together or separate with the added advantage that you know...
  2. bigroomboy

    Tonights view from the sleeping bag

    Night night chaps. Here's the view from the sleeping bag tonight. I'm not used to having WiFi in the tipi. Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk 4
  3. bigroomboy

    5 speed pillar drill v pulley

    Hi guys. I picked up a start rite mercury pillar drill that needs a little TLC. Unfortunately the motor is not original and in bad shape. Worse the original 5 speed pulley got lost with the original motor. Does anybody know where I could source a reasonable priced replacement? I just thought...
  4. bigroomboy

    Some bits an bobs I've made

    So last week I promised that I would post some pictures up of some things I have made. Some of my favourite threads are those showing things people have made, trips people have been on and progress people have made towards setting up their environment as they really want with great workmanship...
  5. bigroomboy

    Boot Sale Axe Head

    Hi Guys I has at the boot sale and picked up a few things last Sunday. One of which was this axe head that I have now cleaned up a bit. So the makers mark is not very clear but I'm pretty sure that its the S J and crown above of Spear & Jackson. Does anybody have an idea of when this may...
  6. bigroomboy

    Vulcanized fibre

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some vulcanised fibre in white and red for a knife handle. Does anybody know where I can pick a bit up with reasonable postage? Previously I have got my bits from brisa but I only need this which makes the postage a waste. Or does anybody have any spare. Thanks
  7. bigroomboy

    5.11 Taclite Pro Trousers - Tundra 30W32L

    Hi guys for sale I have a pair of 5.11 Taclite trousers in the Tundra colour which is a very nice bushy colour. Size 30 waist 32 leg the same as these: I got them about this time last year but only worn them twice as they...
  8. bigroomboy

    Glyn y mul closure

    As Elen has just posted in the campsites thread. I'm very sad about this, its a place I've been to a lot but not since Feb. Great place I though other people may want to comment so started a new thread to keep the campsites one clear. Sad times
  9. bigroomboy

    To the Lavvu club

    So I often see pictures of Tentipis with a tarp rigged over then entrance similar to those in the following link, although the main rope normally goes through the loop in the top and pegged well at the back. I have a...
  10. bigroomboy

    Jeep Cherokee XJ parts

    Hi Guys A couple of years ago I imported a full polybushing set for my XJ Cherokee from the US. These are top end Prothane ones, I installed the trackbar bushing which solved my immediate problems and intended to do the rest as I had time to remove some slop from the steering. Anyway I never...
  11. bigroomboy

    Snugpak pile pants

    Hi Guys, I'm interested in the Snugpak pile pants for sitting around camp in the winter. I have the pile shirt and the sizing is very generous. Does anybody know about the pants? Ideally I want to wear them on their own but also able to pull over trousers if it gets cold quick? Thanks
  12. bigroomboy

    Spark arrestor on lavvu stove

    So I just got a Helsport stove, it has a spark arrestor on top but to me the mesh seems quite course? What sort of spacing is required for an effective spark arrestor? Does anybody have this stove, have you painted it or added a damper or maybe put a rain cap on top? Any info would be good I...
  13. bigroomboy

    Coleman Parts - Stoves and Lanterns

    Hi guys, I have a few random parts for coleman stoves and lanterns ( mainly generators ) I don't have these ones any more so no use for them just taking up space. Payment by paypal please. Prices include fees and UK postage First up is the generator for lantern models 290 and 290A £8 (I have 3...
  14. bigroomboy

    heads up tent

    Headsup top deal on laser comp 1
  15. bigroomboy

    All round telescopic rod?

    Hi, I don't know alot about fishing, I used to do some when I was younger but to be honest it only every really involved catching a few minows. What I want is a telescopic rod which lets me do everything (I bet everybody says that) mainly this involves having ago in lakes from my canoe but I...