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  1. Culloch

    Leaving the UK!

    As those of you who frequent BB will already no doubt be aware I'm finally leavin the UK for good! The Permanent Residency Visa has finally landed so we're off to sunny Perth, Western Australia! Really excited at the prospect and looking forward to a different lifestyle, I'll be trying to...
  2. Culloch

    Camping / Fishing Weekend @ Loch Etive?

    :hammock::camping::canoe::fishing::beerchug: Just trawling to see if there's any interest at the minute! I plan to have a days boat fishing on Loch Etive with my lad and wondered if anyone else is interested in meeting up / having a crack at the fish? Plan to hire from here I'm...
  3. Culloch

    Blade-Bitz shop closed down!

    Just to let people know, I have closed down the shop, please ignore the holding page message which states it'll be open again soon, it won't. The message is automatically produced.
  4. Culloch

    End of an Era!

    Well it is for me... today is my 1st day as a Civvy! After 22 yrs of serving Queen & Country its a whole new chapter in my life opening up! Not quite sure what life has ahead for me and I'm sure it won't be as exciting / boring / dangerous / secure / interesting as the last 22 years but here goes!
  5. Culloch

    New blade, nearly finished!

    I've been playing with this design for a few weeks now, full height flat grinds / convex etc and decided to see what it'd be like with a high Scandi? Still got to finish the handle shape (you can see the line where I've decided to change the butt) and heat treat and get some handles on but I'm...
  6. Culloch

    Knife Making Tutorial on Evil Bay?

    Forgive me if I'm being thick but isn't this the tutorial that was published in the latest issue of "Bushcraft & Survival Skills"? Why would you pay £6 for something thats an article in a magazine costing £4.95? Not that I would pay anything for it after reading the article..sorry but...
  7. Culloch

    Comp for the budding knife makers amongst us!

    Okay, there seems to be a fair few folk making their own knives around these parts, so i figured I'd hold a wee comp for the budding knife makers and maybe encourage somebody who's been nervous about it to have a go! So I'll put up a pair of handle scales vulcanised fibre liners and a set of...
  8. Culloch

    Very Late Intro....

    Greetings all' I've been a member here for over 2 years and made my first post tonight! (stands by for incoming!) seem to have spent quite a while lurking it would seem... I live in Moray but originally from Glasgow. I like pretty much anything outdoors, good job really as I've spent the last...