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  1. Ranger Bob

    Importing antler from non-EU country Help.

    Can anyone enlighten me as to the regulations and procedures involed? re. Cheers
  2. Ranger Bob

    SAS dpm windproof smock and trousers. As New

    I purchased these in 2002 and I think I may have worn them once and are in excellent condition. The smock is size 180/96 The trousers are size 82/78/96 I'd like to swap for: Billhooks/sparhooks Antler Horn Sinew Leather (Large sizes, Brain or veg tanned) Rawhide (again large sizes)...
  3. Ranger Bob

    Cross cut saws

    I've been after a one man cross cut saw for some time now...and now have 2! I wandered into a local antiques barn and there they were.....picked up all 3 for just £30.
  4. Ranger Bob

    British native tree book

    Saw an advert for this in the june edition of Country Smallholding magazine.... Heres a description from the site: "British Native Trees - Their Past and Present Uses This unique book explores the past and present uses of products (wood, bark, fruit, sap...
  5. Ranger Bob

    Sycamore as a longbow wood??

    Calling all bowyers and anyone else who might know..... I've been told that sycamore can be used to make a decent this true? Does anyone have any experience of making bows from sycamore? Cheers.
  6. Ranger Bob

    Fish Skins

    I was skinning some fish for dinner tonight and it occured to me just how tough they were. Does anyone know if they have any use?