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  1. bigroomboy

    Canvas Tarps, 3m x 3m

    Hi bilmo, can you only do 3x3 or can you do other sizes? I have been looking for a 3x3.5 m, the extra bit of length is nice for a hammock.
  2. bigroomboy

    Fallkniven DC3/4 durability

    Not really but the diamond aide does reasonably quickly. It just keeps getting finer and finer.
  3. bigroomboy

    More carboot tools

    How much was the plane? I have one of those but not in such nice condition. They are handy.
  4. bigroomboy

    help! coleman lamp 'pulsing'

    I take it you mean AVGas rather than jet fuel like jet A1. Any hydrocarbons in the 60 - 90 bp range seem to work great. Heavier or lighter may also work but I've not tried it.
  5. bigroomboy

    FOR TRADE - Fallkniven F1

    I have a SFA but I don't want to part with it. Is there anything else you are looking for?
  6. bigroomboy

    Knives on airplanes

    There is no problem carrying any knife or axe etc as checked luggage. These things are just tools after all! People get worked up about it but you are even allowed to carry dire arms as checked luggage. You quoted the rules above and they say you can take it so you can take it. Be aware or the...
  7. bigroomboy

    My Log burner

    What he means is, is your wood surround outside the building regs distance to combustibles. Is is it possibly getting hot enough that it may catch fire. Which would be a shame as its a lively looking surround and stove.
  8. bigroomboy

    Homesteading reality - in a picture

    Looks good to me. I've just moved house and am now the proud owner of a small veg patch. It's been too much of a whirlwind this year but I did manage to stew the remaining apples on the tree. Next year I really plan on getting something going in the patch but I am going to have to do some...
  9. bigroomboy

    Axe Head

    This is not good to do as it will slowly make things worse. In the same vane soak the head in oil and it will stay swollen. You could also knock another metal wedge in if it just need a a little bit extra.
  10. bigroomboy

    Candle's in tent's

    I did test it at home and I can tell you there is absolutely no chance of killing your self from CO poisoning using a candle in a tent.
  11. bigroomboy

    Candle's in tent's

    Nope, must have deleted it off my phone. Sorry
  12. bigroomboy

    Candle's in tent's

    Here we go again on this one. Let me see if I can find my video of experimental evidence I made last time this came up. Stay tuned. Cancel and CO monitor both in an upside down bowl, I would say poorly ventilated. No CO measured and candle goes out. Fire is a different risk you must consider but...
  13. bigroomboy

    Bahco Axe issue

    I'm a wranglerstar follower and was very dissapointed in bahco. They make great saw blades and files so why should they settle for anything other than top notch in the rest of their range. Especially when it comes to axes where Sweden is so strong. Surely they could work out a partnership with...
  14. bigroomboy

    Article: 5.11 Kodiak Trousers

    Great review. I've been looking to get a pair of these for a while now I'm sold!
  15. bigroomboy

    Double burner, gas or petrol?

    The Coleman suitcase stove is like cooking on a goood gas hob at home only more powerful when you want it. It's my go to stove with the car and I have a lot of stoves. There. Are some good bigger gas stove a put there but the vast majority are quite poor. Not to mention lugging a gas canister...
  16. bigroomboy

    Primus Omnifuel into a Trangia?

    Yeah might happen if the pans empty but not if there is something in it like there should be. Not to mention the omnifuel has great flame control so don't be scared off by the stories. I've seen it done but I'm not sure what people did but I know there is an adaptor for the nova.
  17. bigroomboy

    Peening tang help

    All the ones I have done so far have already been soft and easy to peen. You should be able to tell by running a file over then end of the tang. I clamped the blade in the vice with padding but had the tip against a scrap bit of hard wood.
  18. bigroomboy

    Solar mobile phone charger

    I fell for one of those. That are useless. A power monkey is a different beast. A battery pack is a great option if you have access to power points. If you want to be more self sufficient for a longer period of time in a sunny place good s OK at chargers are the way to go.
  19. bigroomboy

    Show your shooting stick (seat)

    I just got a shooting stick so I like this. Yours looks way better than mine but I Will try to take a PIC of mine at the weekend.
  20. bigroomboy

    Solar mobile phone charger

    Take a good look at the power traveller range. The power monkey extreme or adventurer should fit the bill. I have the extreme, I mainly use it just as a battery pack when camping in the UK but the solar works well in the summer. In s France it should work very well. Under optimal conditions you...