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  1. bbdave

    What could i make with sheepskin offcuts?

    I have access to sheepskin offcuts mostly small pieces but some quite large. I just don't know what I could use it for, any ideas? Dave
  2. bbdave

    Is this compass still good?

    I have this old compass from around 2006 I think it's been in my draw and canoe bag never used. It's probably a daft question but will it still be OK? I'm guessing so but its worth asking as I want to start walking the moors. Dave
  3. bbdave

    Backpack recommendations please

    I used to wild camp a few years ago but from a canoe so no issue with packing. I have an interest in getting out on Dartmoor to explore for some one nighters I can walk to from home but I need a pack I am 6'3" and very broad, I do like a traditional look but obviously it needs to be comfy oh and...
  4. bbdave

    Ground sheet fabric?

    I'm looking to make a ground sheet for my lavvu any recommendations what to get and where to get it please. Dave
  5. bbdave

    Lavvu help please

    I have received one today and had a quick look at it, I have watched many YouTube videos and figured out what mods. I might do after a season of use but one question still goes un-answered which way round does it go arm hole buttons inside or out? Dave
  6. bbdave

    Feuerhand storm lamp leak

    Hi I was bought a lamp for my birthday I have filled it up but noticed while moving it round it weeps out of the filler I'm not sure if it's the joint or cap, do these lamps tend to leak? If not I'll see if i can get it replaced. Thanks for any guidance. Dave
  7. bbdave

    Bivi bag recommendation please

    Could anyone recommend a good bivi bag please I am looking to do some nights out on Dartmoor as the weather improves I have never used a bivi so know nothing about them I am 6' 3" and around 60" around my shoulders I have an old eurohike 3 season sleeping bag to put in it. Dave
  8. bbdave

    Any Devon bushcrafters?

    I am in Devon and looking to start my bushcrafty journey and would love to tag along with like minded folks if possible to give me some guidance and set me in the right direction, I have a few bits of gear so I'm limited in what I can do eg. Overnight gear but days out would be a good start. Dave
  9. bbdave

    Knife identification please

    I bought this knife off a guy at the car boot for £10, it has markings anyone have any idea of maker etc. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] Dave
  10. bbdave

    Anyone else potting?

    I have just received my potting licence got a new deep water mooring pot, float etc. just need to fit an escape hatch then ready to go! Does anyone else pot? Any advice on best baits to use all I know is fresh=crab smelly=lobster what's the best way of keeping bait in the pot? I popped to...
  11. bbdave

    How best to store/keep an axe?

    Do I need to oil or grease my axe to stop any rust while it's not being used? I will keep it in an outside shed which I can't guarantee is damp free. Dave
  12. bbdave

    Is this leather of any use?

    I have taken this off an old vaulting horse it has obviously had wear and tear but before throwing it away I thought I'd ask if it was of any use. It is about 2.5-3mm I don't have the tools or skill to make anything though an axe mask would be nice, but willing to post it off to anyone...
  13. bbdave

    Help with tent/tarp

    I have a budget of around £100 I will be looking to wild camp on canoe trips one or two nights most probably summer months to start with, as I have an old sleeping bag do I just buy a small tent or do I get a tarp and bivvy bag I could go for both a cheap tent and DDtarp and look to get a bivvy...
  14. bbdave

    looking for a leather handbag.

    This is not for me i am looking for a high quality leather messenger type handbag for my wifes birthday can anyone recommend folks or companies that i can contact? It will need to be high quality for her to accept it but i think a good handmade bag will by far exceed a designer job in...
  15. bbdave

    Popping to Endicotts

    I am going to endys later this morning to see if I can pick up a day pack for canoeing trips I'm thinking one of the German mountain packs any other suggestions/ideas plus what other goodies shall I keep an eye out for? Dave
  16. bbdave

    Weekend folding bucksaw project

    I plagiarised a few ideas I had seen on the net and used a piece of ash I had spare, bought a 24" blade so all in it has cost me a total of £4. I am not a skilled wood butcher but think I managed a functional saw and whiled away a wet bank holiday so not a total waste of time. I just need to...
  17. bbdave

    Upcoming birthday ideas

    I am starting to get asked what I'd like and as usual I struggle to think of affordable gear to ask for I don't have much gear but I have a knife,axe,trangia,Kelly kettle. id like a tarp but no idea of which to ask for I only expect to make single night trips in my canoe. i hate asking for...
  18. bbdave

    Looking for a pickup

    I have read the isuzu rodeo thread which looks to be good any experience or thoughts on the Navara they seem to eat half shafts had a couple of hilux's but they went pop so avoiding toyota any other recommendations? dave
  19. bbdave

    pack patterns?

    I have acquired a piece of cloth a light cotton similar to boiler suit fabric and have thought it would be good to make a pack or at least a practice piece are there any patterns available for packs? Dave
  20. bbdave

    What leather and where from?

    I got my hultafors axe today with its naff mask so as I'm skint I thought I'd have a go but could someone tell me what kind of leather I need and where I can get it from plus the gear to sew it with that's if all the bits are cheaper than buying one. Dave